Why don’t you include protein shakes as your options?

Natascha E.
Because i don’t have the money to buy protein right now , but once I can I will start including protein shakes in my daily routine
Line E.
I do sometimes have protein shakes but for some reason I usually leave those till later in the day. Maybe I will try switching it up.
Carm Rio T.
I have no time to make shakes and sometime i go swimming early in the morning so i prefer to have other type of breakfast
Julie X.
I have not thought about protein shakes. If I buy them pre-made, there’s a lot of sugar. If I make them myself, it’s costly and time consuming at the moment.
Alexandra J.
That's actually not a bad idea. We used to have those as a family. I'll add the ingredients to the grocery list to incorporate that for future breakfast options.
Lesa E.
Protein shakes and other supplemental foods have not been evaluated by the FDA and thus cannot be trusted for their content. I avoid suplements unless a doctor tells me to use any, and then I'll use that particular one only. I stick to whole foods as much as possible.
Malone Q.
I started enjoying protein shakes last month and they're great! My fave recipe is 2 scoops of vanilla protein powder, a tbsp of matcha powder, tbsp of cacao powder, gf oats, a handful of spinach, handful of frozen berries, a handful of ice cubes, and 300ml of unsweetened almond milk.
Jesse P.
I sometimes do drink protein shakes but I often find they dont stick with me very long so I prefer to get my protein from food.
Sebastiano Q.
Protein shakes, while nutritious, can take little time or consideration to prepare. One of my goals in life is to raise self-awareness, being present in the moment. Mixing a powder into some water to me is the same as buying fast food: it will fill you but takes no thought. Meal preparation, on the other hand, requires conscious thought, preparation, and ultimately, satisfaction in food well made.
Christine U.
I can! But I only use protein after working out at the gym. And I have a good amount of protein while I am having my breakfast
Elia T.
Never tried protein shakes, have never really thought of having them. Have heard alot about them, but wouldn't know what one to have or anything. Think I would want to get some info off someone who has them regularly before adding them to my diet.
Mandy S.
I dont take supplements at all because I dont count my food in calorie, carbs, protein, fats etc etc.
I simply eat in moderation. I eat what is suitable to my food habits, my genetics, locally grown, nothing fancy name imported or frozen stuff. Also always prefer to eat fruits rather than cutting and making smoothies et all.
Sarina U.
I'm not sure what this is refering to, but I personally don't enjoy protein shakes and thus I really don't talk about them. If they work, than that's a great thing and you should honor what your body needs
Gen Sio B.
Protein shakes upset my stomach. I've tried all different kinds with the same effect. I also tend to gain weight when I use them.
M Lissa S.
I dont personally have protein shakes because most powders have milk or sweeteners in them (I'm allergic to milk and dont like sweeteners). They also fill you up but dont have slow burning carbs, but if you want to have them for breakfast because they aren't a bad choice 🙂 something is always better than nothing!
Amber U.
Most of them contain too many calories or too much sugar/added sweeteners that can cause you to crash sooner than later.
Diana X.
That’s a great idea, but I need to get a proper blender — perhaps a Nurtibullet for smaller portions. Thank you for the idea!