What kind of juice is good for detoxing?

Brandon J.
I am not an expert of detox but i think that you should go for a green tea instead of a juice, you can have it hot or cold and it’s really good

Argemira Q.
Boil a cup of water with cumin seeds , coriander seeds and lemon. you can add honey after pouring your drink into cup. Drink this in morning time.

Hilda A.
I would prefer eating fruit, rich with antioxidants over juice. In juice the calories are accesed easier. And also in fruit you get more fiber that also helps with bowel movement. If you really want to drink your meal make a smoothie 🙂

Stevie I.
Water! Don't use detox methods and such. Your body is capabele of detoxing itself. Eat well and drink water. That is what your body needs

Leona J.
I don't know the answer this. I try to avoid juice because of the high sugar content. It may be best to drink juice that is a fruit and vegetable mixture.

Evelyn N.
I prefer smoothies over juice so in my case I will recommend a kale, mint, spinach and cucumber smoothie. You can also add some blue berries to add sweetness to it

Elie J.
When you are tired of just normal water it’s good to drink some juice. It is a lot better then Coca-Cola or some alcohol. What i do is that I drink something sweet everyday. And the best choice for detoxing is to drink juice. What kind is not important I think it is about how much of it you drink if you drink like 7 glasses of juice in one day it won’t help with detoxing maybe it’ll makes it worse. So drink maybe 2 or 3 glasses of juice per day. I like to ad water to my juice that’s a good habit too.

Loris N.
I've heard that apple, orange, and ,cranberry juice are all great choices for a detox, and with a splash of lemon too (if desired.) Regardleas of the juice, I would keep it as close to it's natural state (not highly processed or with added sugars, syrups, or other unnecessary ingredients) as possible!

Leo P.
a type of juice with lots of natural ingredients including vegetables, excluding preservatives and carbs, while including nutrients and vitamins to give you a fresh start.

Sofia Z.
A juice with a lot of superfoods likely green ones, it's tast might be a little bitter unless you add some honey to it. It's texture will probably be very silky and heavy.

Shweta F.
I, personally do have a detoxing juice which is the combination of beetroot, orange and celery. It's very good for one's health.
I also have carrot juice as a detoxing juice. It also helps keep our eyesight on track.

Roberto A.
I think it's a good idea to have in the morning water with lemon juice, I read it has several benefits to the skin, metabolism, and to keep you hydrated

Krystal N.
I suppose the juice you use depends on what type of detox you want to do. I think a blends of fruits and vegetables of all kinds can work. I would have to do research on what fruit or vegetables works best for what organ. I do enjoy plain grapefruit juice. I make a blend of berries (strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry). Sometimes I’ll add Apple & peanut butter. Then my choice of filler which can be coconut milk, oat milk or almond milk. Sometimes I will also add mushroom blend power, spiralina and moringa. There are all kind of options to choose from.

Ink W.
What can vegetarians put on their toast with lots of protein? I'm looking to gain some weight and muscle right now but I am struggling finding things that aren't meat.

Tilde G.
SEASONAL Green Juices/ and Lemon Water

For the beginner


Benjamin O.
I heard that apple juice, juice made from pure vegetables like celery and all are pretty great! Pure apple juice is said to be effective! Have fun detoxing!