What do you usually have for breakfast.

Celto Z.
I usually have yogurt drinks or fruit and something with yogurt and carb, to keep my meals well balanced but still easy to eat when my stomach hasn't woken up yet.
Cathrine Y.
I usually uhh I don’t know, some times instant noodle sometime egg oh and mostly bread and that’s all, however when I started eating oats with blueberry and a nice milkshake I felt proud of myself and healthier.
Kristin O.
It depends on the day. One favorite go-to is a microwaved scrambled egg on a toasted bagel with a slice of cheese. It takes about 3 minutes to make and keeps me full a long time. Today I sliced up a nectarine into a bowl of greek yogurt with some granola.
Sid P.
I try my best to set aside time for breakfast, and make myself a whole wheat toast and fried eggs or sausages; But it I don’t have time to cook I have boiled eggs (which I put on the stove while I get ready); or if I am really running out on time I just grab a banana as I leave home.
Saki G.
Normally it's a smoothie. I'll make it the night before so it's ready in the morning. Typically it'll have oats or a protein powder and banana. I'll then add in any other fruit I have to mix it up. When I'm feeling a bit more leisurely it might be toast and a cup of tea.
Rachel Q.
Porridge and blueberries with a smidge of honey or eggs, mushrooms and spinach if I have time to cook. If not I will have good quality muesli with milk. I am thinking about trying to make some overnight oats.
Ida Z.
I usually have rice, veggies, protein, and a cup of milk tea for breakfast. Sometimes i also have a fruit to complete my breakfast
Gabriel O.
Eggs in some sort of fashion. Usually I meal prep breakfast sandwiches or burritos for the week so I can grab one and go when I head out for work at 5am
Perry X.
I usually have sports before breakfast so I try to eat proteins. I usually have fried eggs on avocado toast, or tuna+philly cheese on a toast. I always complement it with a fruit at the end. Especially oranges in winter.
Madeleine B.
A smoothie to go! I try to minimize the fruit to only a banana, to limit the sugar, instead I put in some oats and chia seeds and flavor with cocoa/vanilla/cardamom or something like that and if I'm feeling like it some instant coffee! My milk of choice at the moment is almond milk.
Andrea Z.
Hi there! Normally I have 1 of 3 things. Shakeology protein drink (not like your average protein shake. Look it up! Vitamin packed & can be vegan. I drink vegan), a hard boiled egg on top of gluten free toast with pesto, or plain old oatmeal! (Reduced sugar)