What do you include in your breakfast?

Romy Z.
I usually include some sugars/ carbohydrates to be more energized in the morning and usually some good fats and vitamins

Anthony P.
Eggs, almost every time. I also eat toast sometimes but I would like to eliminate it. Coffee or tea depending on my mood. Beans, canned usually.

Ana O.
I try my best. I usually prefer skipping breakfast, so my breakfast choices are small and easy to whip up. Things like scrambled eggs, muffins, and some bites of yesterday's leftovers.

Fernando U.
I include eggs and fruit in my breakfast! I figured out that fried eggs don't give you enough nutrition, and half boiled eggs are tasteless without seasoning. So in the end, I made scrambled eggs as it's the healthiest I can think of!

Carrie C.
I do intermittent fasting. So my "breakfast" is at lunch time. However, no matter what time your breakfast is (in my opinion) make sure it's high fat, protein and fiber. This will keep you fuller, longer.

Guy Z.
Usually protein and healthy carbs. It's either eggs with vegetables and avocado or a smoothie bowl. Most days I also include a green juice

Tonya P.
I do water first thing then coffee wirh just milk, 2%, then I dont eat till 11:30 bc I'm doing the 16:8 intermediate fasting.

Lyna E.
First I take my medication and vitamins with a large glazed of v-8, then if my girlfriend is up she makes me a delicious sandwich of: one egg, two thin slices of ham, chipotle mayo, two big slices of tomato, some fresh spinach, and some red pepper paste, on an over sized English muffin.

Aliana C.
I've been trying to have something more natural, less processed, and more protein packed with less carbs. I tend to pick breakfasts loaded with carbs so I tried to be better about that during my last challenge and had a combo of eggs, yogurt, fruit, or natural granola bars to have less carbs and processing, and more protein and natural foods

Helen C.
I drank a home made hot chocolate, ate a "pain au chocolat" and a corncake with some cheese on top of it. Next time i should add an orange juive or another type of fruit.

L On T.
I have eggs with spinach and salsa, and oatmeal with strawberries every morning. If I'm in a rush I opt for protine quick oats.

Cl Ment Z.
I am eating some fruit and drink tee this is a how to make banana pancakes you will need one banana in one egg and it’s really yummy if you eat with kivi

Isabella B.
Eggs (fried or scrambled, sometimes even boiled), a toasted slice of bread with a little butter, avocado (if there is any), sliced apple/banana/strawberries/cherries (whatever fruit I have at home). I also have a cup of water/ green tea/ warm lemon water (freshly squeezed)/ coffee.

Rosa W.
I'll bake eggs, a piece of fruit, some bread and a glass of tea. the effort I put into my breakfast is part of the enjoyment and roots me to this habit.

Daniele P.
I always keep frozen blueberries around so I defrost those, chop up a banana or apple and put it on top of plain muesli, whatever cereal I have (usually with nuts) or Weetbix. Usually drizzle with honey if I have that too.
My other go to is a big brekky which would ideally have 1 egg, a pineapple ring, 2 pieces of bacon a slice of tomato and 1/4 of a chorizo, 1/2 a cup of mushrooms cooked in a tiny bit of miso paste and a pile of wilted spinach.

Shiang N.
1. Health protein resources like eggs, tuna, smoked salmon.
2. A cup of latte with 1 tsp sugar and 1 serve of vanilla cream
3. Something green

G Lsen B.
This morning I had cold brew with oat milk and two scrambled eggs. It’s easy and fast to scramble eggs in the microwave.

Amy S.
I make homemade chia seed cereal. I soak almonds overnight, rinse them well and mix about 1 1/2 cups of almonds with water to the top of my Vitamix. Blend in high for two minutes and then stain the mixture using a cheese cloth bag. I then mix two table spoons of chia sheds with the almond mylk and let them sit overnight. I freeze anything more than a four day supply.

Add bananas, cinnamon and berries to top it off.

Nutritious, delicious and filling!

Gauthier Q.
It all depends on the day. Some days, I have the time to make a full breakfast with coffee, eggs, toast, juice, etc, while other days I only have the time (or energy) to make cereal and coffee only.

Gabriella C.
I always include fruit in my breakfast as well as wheat such as toast or granola. Yogurt is also my go-to. And of course it’s not breakfast without a latte.