How do you like to prepare your eggs?

Uli A.
Eggs? Hmm unfortunately I didn’t like the eggs, but when I prefer to live healthy I eat eggs for my breakfast and it was good. But I haven’t tried it again…But I knew that eggs can help to loss weight.
Dooter N.
I like to beat the eggs, add a little water so it's fluffy. Chop vegetables such as onions and peppers. Add in my spices and veggies, mix together.
Preheat the pan, turn out the oil until there is just the tiniest coating of oil, pour in my eggs.
I like to have one huge sheet I can wrap if I want to. Flip eggs to get the slight golden brown on both sides.
Dave S.
in the frying pan, with some salt, spicy paprika and spices. put a lid on to let it cook. flip it over to cook the other side and tcharam…. done and delicious