Is there a timeframe once waking up that is best to eat breakfast by to kickstart the body? Is it best to eat as soon as you get up or later? Or is it more about just trying to get a breakfast in?

Ida B.
I like to get up and make my coffee and breakfast and sit somewhere pleasant and take my time eating straight after my mediation and mindful movements
Nicoline G.
I find that I need about 30 minutes before I can eat. Ussually I get ready for work and then make breakfast. I always eat breakfast. By the time i get to the office I am satisfied and my first coffee has been drunk.
Christian W.
It's just about trying to get the breakfast in. But preparing to ensure that things are available for preparing breakfast is something I spend more time in. I tend to spend more time on the preparing breakfast, eat food like eggs and toast at the breakfast table, and take a bowl of cut fruit to the car and eat during my commute to work.
Kenzi Q.
I'm just trying to get breakfast in – my mornings feel hectic so I always end up waiting to eat until I get to work which means my breakfast has to be portable.
Silje F.
I like to eat as soon as possible, allowing preferably only for morning prep activities to delay it.
Stacey F.
I think depending on your body and your activity routine, you want to get your breakfast in as early as possible to make sure your body is properly fueled to sustain you throughout the day and to avoid binge eating on the wrong foods.
Bas Lio I.
I try to eat within 30 minutes, I have my water, have a snuggle with th e baby, make the bed, change his nappy, pop on the coffee machine and start breakfast
Gabe T.
It’s hard for me to answer, since I had the RNY surgery. But I find it easier to eat when I get to work, around 8-9am. I’ll eat something while I check emails, and then maybe snack around 10isg
Ingrid T.
Our body tends to follow a rythm called the circadian rythm. Being out of sync with this rythm is what makes our body uneasy. The best time to have breakfast according to many ayurvedic scriptures and research, is from morning 7-9. We must give at least 30 minutes to kick start out metabolism before supplying the body with food. Hope this answers your question.
Kunigunde F.
I personally feel that 7-9 am is the best time for breakfast. When you wake up,the first thing to do is drink water. Do whatever you have planned for the morning like any exercise routine or meditation, then get ready and go for breakfast.
Ken P.
It's more important to hydrate first thing. Make that first hour about hydrate (16-20 oz), stretch, meditate, plan the day. If you workout in the early morning, then eat afterwards. Otherwise, sit down with no distractions after you've showered and enjoy that breakfast about 90 minutes after waking. "One Bowl" is an excellent read about purposed eating.
Crystal O.
I think it is better to give your body some time to adjust. Especially after drinking water when you wake up, it would be helpful to give half an hour before breakfast.
Reginald C.
I have always heard that it is best to have breakfast first thing in the morning, ideally within the first hour of waking. I know I feel better on days I get my breakfast immediately, and sometimes feel off until I've eaten.
Frida N.
I didn't eat breakfast just checked it off because I feel sick if I eat too soon after waking up. I'm just not hungry in the mornings but I will make some sort of breakfast and end up taking it for lunch
Kathryn E.
It is about getting your breakfast in the morning before rushing off. That said, it should be a pleasurable experience, not just a tick the box thing. I like taking time to prepare and enjoy my breakfast, so I make time for it in the morning. I have my breakfast between my first early morning stretch routine and my yoga routine, listening to a guided meditation or podcast. It helps me set an intention for the day…
Mille C.
I think it is pretty much up to you. Personally 1st thing when I get up doesn’t work well. Also from what I gather – if you exercise before eating is better … rather than eat breakfast & then exercise …
Kate Q.
I don't eat until I've written for an hour then exercised. I prepare a smoothie while I'm getting vitamins out for me and my dog. Then it's time to dress for work and leave. Works for me.
Julie W.
Weekdays – it’s the last thing I do before leave the house bc im trying to drink as much water to start my day & get my intenal organs energized. On the weekends I drink water and then eat breakfast depending on my plans and what time I wake up.