What do you do to maintain your eating habits when you’re a guest in someones home?

Jimmie O.
I am personally pescatarian and I let most people know that. If there is a situation where I cannot eat something I just politely eat what I can and then know that if I’m still hungry I can eat something later. Majority of people are accommodating and will be understanding to the needs of others.

Julie N.
Struggle, sometimes pop to a shop and grab an apple or something or see if they have any healthier options. Make people aware of my eating habits before I go can be helpful too.

Arlete Z.
talk to them i guess. bring my oown food. or you could allow yourself a little cheatday. cause you surely can since you areperfect just the way you are!

Katrina Q.
I bring a dish that I can eat for an appetizer and fill up on that; if they are making dinner Then I will eat a small portion so that it’s not rude. A little cheat is ok for your friends as long as your not cheating for yourself

Maritza Z.
Eat before leaving my house so that i dont esily give in to food temptations as well as drink a lot of water while im at there home.

Yofija W.
I usually let my friends know what my meal preferences are BEFORE going. My friends group is very accommodating and work with each others needs.
However even if that wasn't the case, I just eat what I can… if there really is nothing I can eat in line with my meal preferences. I just eat very little of what is there, dining just enough to not be hungry and then once I leave I go EAT on plan. I don't go overboard and just try to maintain my meal preferences as best that I can and make the best possible choices, in each situation.

Aspen P.
I’m not great at this by any means, but portion control is a big thing!!! I also tend to turn down desserts in excess… it may be hard to turn down someone, but they won’t be offended if you eat in moderation. Another helpful thing is to pack meal replacement snacks that can be in the suitcase or purse!

Sina J.
Well, I think moderation is the key. I am not excessively strict with my diet because I believe that food is an important and interesting part of our lives. I also believe in living my life at its fullest so it has to contain some cheating days. So when I am a guest I prefer to taste what my host offers me, even if it is not what I normally eat, because I am amazing and I deserve these exceptions. It is not happening every day, so why not having some fun?

Jesus Q.
Since eating healthy is part of who you are, you should make clear in advance that that is really important for you. Make sure to explain to your host what you can eat and what you'd like to avoid. Ask kindly and make suggestions of healthy options he could prepare. If you don't know the host or you don't know if there will be something healthy to eat, just make sure to eat enough before you leave and bring some snacks

Glenn O.
I do the absolute best that I can but I always remind myself that rigid rules don’t always work. As long as I have my long term goal in mind, one meal eating off is nothing.

Carter T.
Make my friends aware that I am eating healthy so I would either being food myself or help them with what foods I would prefer politely.

Diana R.
I try to eat everything the host has prepared/offered to not be rude and demonstrate gratitude. I practice portion control to not overeat, chewing slowly and enjoying the flavors.

Annie J.
It's hard. I've been polite previously. But maybe I'll try just drinking water instead of tea and have light nibbles or smaller portions if it's dinner visits.