What food can I be addicted to without being hurt in the long run?

Alicia C.
Knowledge. You can consume as much as you want. But, an over consumption of anything would lead to a negative reaction. So, one should always be mindful

Navya F.
There are several foods you can be addicted to without it being harmful for self. For instance, there are almonds, green leafy vegetables, nuts, cashews, apricots ,all different kinds of dry fruits. There are fruits you can get addicted to. But, what I say is anything more than enough is dangerous, no matter how healthy it is, getting addicted to anything is not good. So , I say have optimal portions and stay fabulous!

Uno N.
Addiction is inherently detrimental because it implies dependence upon a particular substance or action. Too much of anything is a bad thing

Alex Y.
Being addicted to anything (even food) is not ever positive, especially not in the long run.

Even if it's a healthy food, too much of a good thing can definitely become a bad thing.

Moderation will be your closest ally!

Cansu Q.
I think its apple. Its a healthy way to get caffeine and really tasty. Also nice for teeth. I prefer sharp apple but you can choose whatever you like.

Lton A.
Try out different kinds of fruit, there has to be something you find good, and there are so many benefits. Also, if you can find a healthy popcorn (for example, air-popped without butter and sugar), it’s quite light and adding nutritional yeast is good. Keep in mind though that all foods are best in moderation. There can be negative affects to anything if you eat too much.