How do you get your kids to eat breakfast?

Albino C.
I am not a mom but I think my mother has a few tricks that get me to eat my breakfast and obey her. She has this rule that if we are having breakfast or dinner together then once a month we get to go shopping and eat outside. as my parents are both working it is always a great deal to me when my parents and I could spend time together. My mother also gives more money for my pocket money if I eat my breakfast with my family daily

Thea W.
I only have one child and she is just under two years old, however getting her to eat a balanced breakfast is not always as easy as we’d like it to be. She loves scrambled eggs, so we do make them on the weekends when we have more time. I put a little cheese in them and serve them with fresh fruit for her. During the week she often eats breakfast at daycare, but they serve healthy options and she typically eats well because she watches the other children – nothing like a social motivator!

Alex S.
I change breakfast for my daughter so she is not eating the same thing every day. I also do my best to sit down with her so we eat together.
I make faces out of fruit on her breakfast too. She loves it!

Julian O.
Well, to be honest I am a teen using this to improve my habits 😅. But I would say that make the breakfast colourful and interesting. Add some fresh fruits, juices and vegetables.

Rosibel Q.
Ask them what they want as I wake them up. Get them to the table with a blanket as they are chilly. I have to nag the eldest a lot to eat his and leave in time.

Elmer W.
Answer: Don't. Give them a snack such as an apple or carrots in a baggie to eat later at their choosing. They may learn to appreciate breakfast.

Ruthild O.
I try to find out what they like and prepare it in advance because it usually is too elaborate for a weekday when there is school and work. For example, I’ll make and freeze gluten free French toast (we have celiac). Then they can pull one slice frozen right into the toaster. Or I’ll make little egg rounds using a cheap metal form. It shapes them for egg sandwiches. Then I can freeze those too. Pop one into the micro for an egg sandwich on some gf bread w a slice of cheese or put two in a bowls w topping like a deconstructed omelette. It doesn’t always work but it helps and it beats dry cereal every day.

Virgil E.
Depends on their age. I would make something pretty and cute for the little ones, just like Japanese bento boxes and I'd try to negotiate with the older kids or let them choose their breakfast as long as they ate it.

Salvatore Q.
I’m 13 years old and don’t have any kids. Sorry I can’t help you answer you question but my advice is to google it. Have a nice day.

Lena E.
Im not sure the age group your referring. But from my little ones, if had time id wake them up with an activity to work up an appetite. Can be anything from hide and seek, exercise with mom/ dad, and clean up ect. Seemed to work way more than not for me but really any good routine leaat helps push to eat in morning. good luck! Happy patenting

Marcus Z.
After I finish my morning routine I set out their breakfast (Greek yogurt with blueberries and granola). I wake them up and they just go and eat their breakfast. It’s never been a struggle.

Anja U.
i don't have kids,,i have a dog..
i already prepared his food for one week in the freezer..
and all i need is to warm it in microwave and then serve it to my dog..

Conrad U.
My son is 48 almost 49 years old. I think he does do a good breakfast and realizes the importance of it. Praying that my three grandchildren were teenagers also opt for a good breakfast. Don’t see them every day so not sure

Lucas Z.
Both kids eat breakfast in our house but a lot of kid friendly breakfasts have a lot of sugar, and that is a problem we struggle with. Easy at the weekend, egg etc but on a busy work and school morning we tend to turn to cereal

Jordan O.
I don’t have kids, but when I did, I always made sure I had what I needed to provide breakfast for them. I never had problems with them eating breakfast.

Frieda Q.
I try to explain importance of breakfast to them, find a healthy solution that I know they like to eat, prepare a warm tea or milk, prepared ingredients ahead, try to make them eat at least something but not pushing them always if they just don't feel like eating at the moment.

Irene Q.
Well I think I would greet them in the morning and ask what they want. Then I would say, “would bacon be ok”? Then if they say yes that’s good and if they say know ask them what they want. You could also say with the thing that they picked would strawberry’s work with that. Because they picked the meal

Natalie Q.
Prepare things that they like, make them accountable and give them small rewards for eating breakfast to get them started

Kalinka P.
make it look more exciting!full of colours!but not too sugary. you could also try eating the same breakfast as them. make breakfast a fun and exciting time of the day. try something different every week