What sorts of foods should eat, after I workout in the morning.

Rigveda X.
Eat a high protein, low sugar breakfast for energy release over a longer time. Eggs, peanut butter and toast, sprouts are a couple of options.

Maelya O.
Foods that aren't heavy so oatmeal, fruit bowls, breakfast burrito with turkey sausage, egg white with spinach mixed in, cheese and salsa, meal replacement drinks, smoothies.

Jacqueline F.
I eat fruits and whole grain carbs like a whole grain English muffin. Also I make sure I am getting enough protein like from low-fat cottage cheese or an egg.

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I stretch in my dining room. It has carpet as opposed to a hardwood floor. Also, by going to the same place everyday, I create a plan that becomes a habit! Whenever I go in there, I am reminded to stretch if I haven’t already done so.

Heather U.
Eating things that fuel your body post workout is important! Choose things higher in protein like eggs, cheese, and meats. If you’re vegetarian/vegan a handful of nuts can go a long way! I personally love an English muffin with delicious almond butter on it with a side of eggs.

Jachelle F.
I highly recommend some pure veggies or fruit with some protein. For example, I’ll have some toast with blueberries on Monday and a bacon, egg, cheese and spinach sandwich another day. Remember that variety is super important when trying to eat healthy because if you get bored with the healthy meals you’re making you’ll revert back to comfort food. Try new healthy recipes once or twice a week so you can put together a strong list of meals you actually like! Good luck ☺️

Chalise P.
Start with lots of water. You need to rehydrate. I usually work out in the morning so I like to have something with a good amount of protein and some complex carbs plus greens if I can. Often times I like chicken and rice with cucumbers and maybe a green juice. If you want something lighter (I often do) I like granola and a protein shake. Complex carbs will give you long lasting energy and you can avoid the “crash” after eating if you avoid sugary things (this is different from electrolyte drinks for recovery just keep an eye on the added sugars).

Nathaniel G.
•Grilled chicken with roasted vegetables.
•Egg omelet with avocado spread on toast.
•Salmon with sweet potato.
•Tuna salad sandwich on whole grain bread.
•Tuna and crackers.
•Oatmeal, whey protein, banana and almonds.
•Cottage cheese and fruits.

Lisa Z.
It all really depends on what workout you do. Personally, I eat a small breakfast a couple of hours before I workout. I've been using the following link as a guide. https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/fitness/in-depth/exercise/art-20045506#:~:text=Fuel%20your%20body%20for%20everyday%20performance&text=To%20help%20your%20muscles%20recover,your%20exercise%20session%20if%20possible.

Lanessa F.
An egg or perhaps even a smoothie. Lighter eating is better after a good workout, as to not replace the fat you burned with more fat and unhealthy calories. A breakfast bar or some yummy fruits are good ideas too.

Astrid W.
I would eat foods high in protein such as eggs and bacon. For me it's really easy to over eat carbs so I try to make my breakfast as high protein as possible.

John E.
Egg whites with diced tomatoes, onions, and spinach and olive oil. Maybe some peanut butter on toast. Hummus and veggies.

Zaitoon N.
After workout diet doesn't mean we should take heavy breakfast or very light. Basically we should focus on the PC diet. Any kind of food which contains proteins and vitamins will be enough for us, So if u eat a boiled egg with a cup of milk and fruits that will be enough. One should set a weekly diet plan so that on daily basis there will be no worry what you have to take or not? Thanks 🙂

Ashley X.
I'm not a fitness expert but I know you need to drink plenty of water and electrolytes as well as some protein to promote muscle growth. It's good to eat a good breakfast to fuel you for your workout too

Sophie X.
I think you should wait half an hour after heavy workout to eat. When you eat, try to aim for foods rich in protein that will power you through the day like eggs, banana, etc.

Bartolomeu C.
Try and focus on balance: protein, complex carbs and "good" (preferably unsaturated) fats, as well as a little naturally occuring sugar to recover your strength and reward yourself. I like brown/whole grain bread with peanut butter and some banana slices, it's quick, balanced and tastes pretty great! You can also do a cereal bar (try not to do toooo much added sugar) and some fruit, or some eggs, hot sauce and a smoothie. Hope that helps!

Raymond F.
A personal trainer I used to have said chocolate milk is good. The sugar replenishes your system quickly, and the protein and fat sustain you longer and help build muscle.

Jane C.
Honestly, I'm a vegan, so I used to eating a bit of grains, a bit of veggies, a bit of tofu and soy milk every morning, it's delicious and fill me with energy for all day

Hafsia X.
I you want to lose weight you have to eat 30 min after workout , healthy food full of carbs and protine and heathy oil like ; salade and eggs , rise with checken breast and some salade , oat meal bread sandwich…

Tomas M.
Nothing too heavy on carbs. Some fats and protein to kickstart the rest of the day. Like bacon and eggs, plus some fruits

Stephanie F.
Anything with lots of protein and carbs to help your muscles recover, you could make a protein shake, eggs and toast, yoghurt and berries, protein pancakes, waffles.

Kriemhild E.
It depends on the type of workout you are doing and what’s your goal with your workouts.

If your workout is cardio and you are wanting to kickstart your metabolism then you want to hold off eating any calories for at least an hour.

As to what you eat…. zero clue how valid this is for everyone, however I have found that I feel lots better when the first things I put in my body each day are super healthy. Like a veggie smoothie, or a salad with some warm protein on top, or a big pile of steamed veggies—I love dinner for breakfast often. I like to get a big dose of veggies first thing!

If I’m craving less healthy things then I agree to myself that my first meal will be super healthy ( with veggies), and if I’m still going to let myself have the less healthy things then those will be later in the day.

I hope this helps you on your journey.


Brooke T.
Hi there! I’m no expert, but I try to eat either overnight oats with fruit or hard boiled eggs on a bed of spinach and wholemeal toast 🙂

Akira N.
Usually I have a banana and some nuts if I’m in a hurry. Or I have eggs and oatmeal, which is something quick but filling.