What does the other Fabulous members eat for breakfast for optimum energy?

Ayomide B.
Personally, I find it hard to take breakfast due to my schedule but since I started using fabulous I have been able to take at least a little quantity of meal with optimum energy level. Most often, I take almonds first thing in the morning after drinking a glass of water, then I look for some fruit also. This way, I really gain some amount of energy compared to not eating anything at all. Also, I said earlier that I take water when I wake up and this is because I have noticed that whenever I drink water first thing in the morning, it not only refreshes me but also gives me strength and I qualify this as energy. so aside foods, I think water is also required for optimum energy in the morning.

Firmo Q.
I usually eat oatmeal, with a little peanut butter. Another good breakfast is an egg on toast, and with a little cheese or veggies to make it more flavorful.

Sylvie Q.
i dunno if what i eat is the best but i usually eat toast w/ honey and strawberries:) it's super yummy but i think i gotta add some protein… maybe some eggs

Roseli Z.
I think it is dosa,idli,because it is our indian culture and it is very tasty. I don't forcing you to eat this. It's my opinion. Vada can be added. There are other food such as oatmeals, cherries, apple,, orange

Mina C.
I make a fruit and granola n yogurt smoothie. It’s fast it’s easy n I can sip it out of a straw while I’m driving n it’s delicious. I use great value frozen fruit or u can buy fresh n freeze it urself but I like the already frozen one cuz I don’t have to add the ice. I use my favorite yogurt it can be plain or flavored n I used the honey granola bits it’s filling and you’ll have enough to take to work n drink for lunch. If u want I mean

Beatrice T.
I like to cook an egg wkth toast in the morning.But if I'm in a hurry I'll make deviled eggs for the week and have 2 or 3 for breakfast. And if i forgot to do that, i brought some bit size frozen quiche Florentines/loraines. Tbey only take about 10 minutes to heat up and they are delicious

Karl U.
I make sweet potato rosti in advanced and freeze them, then cook them in the morning. They contain, sweet potato, spinach, onion, olive oil and chia seeds.

Betty O.
I grab a banana or an apple as I’m going out the door! Then around 9 I have a protein breakfast shake to hold me through to lunch

Patcharapol J.
In fact, we have to change the question to what we should eat to get the most nutrients.
Every morning, I eat a meal replacement, because
1. Easy
2. Convenient
3. It provides complete nutrition but not more calories