Is it healthy to eat eggs all day? I’m 190 cm and 87 kg, how many eggs should I eat?

Ashley N.
While eggs are a nutritious food, it's generally not recommended to eat them exclusively all day, every day. A balanced diet is important for obtaining a variety of nutrients. As for the number of eggs you should eat, it depends on your overall dietary needs and preferences. For a healthy individual, consuming 2-6 eggs per week is considered reasonable
Valdemar W.
It is not healthy to eat any food all day, even if it is something like eggs.

Your body needs a variety of minerals and nutrients to be fuelled throughout the day and the best way to get those is through a balanced diet with many different types of foods.

Everything is ok to eat, as long as it is in moderation, try eating 2 eggs a day for breakfast and saving your other meals for different foods

Alice F.
You need a balanced diet to be healthy so no as yes eggs are good for you but they don’t give you all the nutrients your body need to be healthy
Himanshi Z.
No it’s not healthy to eat eggs all day instead you can take heavy meal in the morning because working will help to digest and absorb it faster a medium meal in the noon as it makes us sleepy and productivity will be less that time and a light meal in the night time so that stomach would also get rest and digestive system could improve also if you’ve time you can walk for 15-45 mins after meal and do vajrasana for 2-5 mins and take 2 eggs in the morning that will be sufficient that also for 4 -5 days in a week not more than that and other days you could take 2 banana with milk that will act as a catalyst for boosting immunity. Hope it helps 🙂