What do you prefer, toast with avocado slices or an egg sunny side up?

Aria V.
Toast with avocado slices is a great go-to. It's delicious and good for you. A sunny side up egg is as well, but I'm not big on the texture of them. A runny egg is nice, but I want all the whites cooked into being solid, not slimy. It's about preference.

Caroline A.
Hmm, this is definitely a tough one… But I think I would prefer a toast with avocado slices in the morning of a day that I would take care of my self, like a day off, a self-care day, where I would like to make something pretty to please myself. Then on the other hand, I would love to have a sunny side up egg on a day where I would do a lot of work and study, not that I don't like that. I feel like it would make me feel like a parent made it, that I'm still under their care, and it would make me feel warm inside.