What do you prepare for breakfast?

Eva N.
Not-too-fatty Greek yoghurt with fresh fruit of the season and nuts-and-seeds granola. On office days or when I have to get up early, I prepare overnight oats the evening before, again with fresh fruit and some nuts and seeds.
Enola N.
A cup or warm tea is how I prefer to start my breakfast. It calms me down but also gives me that initial boost of caffeine. My breakfast varies from a small snack to a moderately sized meal. In terms of small snacks, bread or sandwiches are a common breakfast for me. When I feel a bit hungrier, I tend to go for a full meal with white rice and a side dish.
Janus E.
Usually a bowl of yogurt with granola, sometimes I make other foods like breakfast quesadillas or if I’m busy I’ll eat something quick like a hot pocket or a pretzel
Brandon E.
I always have 2 eggs and a piece of toast enjoyed with a cup of coffee. I also make myself finish a glass of water before I’m done eating. For on-the-go I have a granola bar, beef stick, and banana ready for eating!
Mariana O.
I am a person that tends to skip breakfast, not intentionally, I just forget to. So to begin this new habit, I decided to start with a quick and easy meal for breakfast. An apple, just grab one and eat it while I get myself ready to start the day.