Unfortunately I’m not a huge breakfast person. My favorite type of meal has meat/poultry/fish as its main ingredient. Any suggestions for a less traditional breakfast meal?

Noah C.
I usually make smoothie with spinach, oats, banana, lemon. Then I eat boiled egg with vegetables or some healthy sandwich. This keep me full during the day and I don't feel hungry a long time.

Ninon E.
Savory oatmeals could be a good start. Even muffin breakfast bites. Or loaded omelet could be a potentially filling breakfast.

Nanna W.
I'm a breakfast person and i can eat everything at breakfast. You can eat fruits like banana, apple, strawberry etc. and peanut butter on a bread with them. Healthy and cute. You can watch videos like "What i eat for breakfast" on YouTube it can help. Stay Healthy and have a good day 🤩

Di E.
Try kippers for breakfast. Fish is healthy and full of protein so should keep you full. You can get kjøper fillets if you don't get on with the bones.

Renee E.
You need to force yourself first to give a "woohoo" or "yes" sound! There is no better way to relieve endorphins and feel happiness! After a week, you will smile every time you achieve your little goals. I promise.

Sean G.
Eggs. Soft boiled or fried. Or try a healthy granola. Or skip it and have a coffee with collagen powder to fill you up. Or a fruit smoothie. Fav milk blitz with frozen berries and some Greek yoghurt! 😋

Jayden O.
Remember everyone is different and different methodes work for different people so for breakfast i think you can eat anything you like as long as it's too sugary or anything deep fried then i then you'll be good.

Wade U.
I am also not a big breakfast person but I normally opt for scrambled egg with trout or 2boiled eggs and turkey slices. Then 2 glasses of water