Should you eat before or after exercising in the morning?

Borut N.
I eat after excercise, because I try to do “worst” thing before “better”. I do light excercise, so I think it is not so important, but If I would do intense workout I think it is good to eat before and after excercise.
Marcus C.
only have a small snack before hand and then have a bigger meal afterwards. Make sure the food you eat has lots of protein if your aiming for muscle growth
Julie Q.
I think that all just depends on how your body feels but I feel before is good because your gonna eat and gain those calories back so maybe a small meal and lots of water all together
Sparks O.
My default has always been to eat before, but I find that really slows me down. Getting straight into it is the best way to go.
Elba F.
You should probably eat afterwards since working out on a full stomach is bad. Unless you have time to eat early then exercise much later in the morning.
Abby Z.
Both. It’s better to eat a small meal before working out (like oatmeal with fruit or a protein bar) and then having lean protein 30-45 minutes after the workout.
Wera X.
Eat after a breakfast. This will refuel your body and with the right food will supply protein to help develop the muscles.
Bela U.
I believe that if you are awake early enough, have breakfast then wait half an hour or so then exercise. I usually crash and burn if I don’t have food before exercise. My blood sugar drops and I feel dizzy.
Marie P.
Eating an hour before exercising can set you up for the day, studies have shown exercising before breakfast can put stress on the body
Andy N.
I think you should exercise before eating because both exercise and eating ate meant to give you energy, but if you eat before exercizing, you'll use that energy, even though its something that's supposed to add to your energy.
Kay Uwe J.
There is no should in this case, it's whatever feels best to you. I don't like working out on an empty stomach so I have an apple or a banana beforehand!
Gabriel O.
When I was playing soccer for 13 years I was taught to eat after exercising and I still abide by that rule. Occasionally I drink something warm to "flush" myself. But always remember that there's an exception for every rule: it depends on your goals, how long are you awake before the exercise, do you then actually remember to eat something within half an hour of exercising? Try it for a week and see for useful, you'll notice that when your done with your exercise the hunger wasn't even real (just remember to drink WATER!)
Lolly A.
After, wake up early in the morning. Grab your bottle of water and go out and do whatever exercising you do. The come back and have a healthy breakfast.
Tara O.
If you're starving before hand then you can eat a light energizing snack such as nuts, some dark chocolate maybe, some fruit like a apple and some peanut butter . Oatmeal is great too. I personally love maca root powder or ashwagandha root powder mixed into a smoothie, or maybe some water or juice that isnt too sugary, for an amazing energy boost. If it's not too expensive where you live, it's an amazing supplement of sorts for a pre-work out energizer. Just nothing too heavy or fried beforehand. And of course make sure you're hydrated and warmed up beforehand too. (: then after the work out, l-glutmate is another great supplement for recovery as is collagen and bone broths for that muscle repair magick. Greens and easily digestible proteins are your friends after a workout. See what works best for you.
Erna S.
Before, so you can get it over and done with and also exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy and you'll feel happy the start of your day and it will set the tone for the entire day