How do you vary what you eat, so you don’t get bored with the same foods?

Tooske G.
I try to have the same foods but with different combinations. What I also like to do is have 3 standard meals and per day vary one of those meals into something else so my food that day feels ‘new’.
Alyssa E.
I don’t know. My family isn’t the healthiest. So we don’t have healthy food. Only eggs, sausages and bacon. Which does get on my nerves so I just put up with it.
Olivia N.
I swap out what I pair some staple foods with, for example, I may have strawberries and yogurt one day, but the next day I switch it up to have strawberries and cream!
Bhavana Z.
3 factors of Carbohydrates protein and vitamins&nutrients. These should be consumed in different combination. I would suggest you to try different country cuisine for every week. Eg: I had a Middle Eastern breakfast today. They include usage of cheese (labneh) feta cheese cucumbers, freshly baked breads , olives and varieties of nuts and seeds for their diet.
C Lia C.
Make a timetable for the whole week of what I will be cooking and eating each day. This way I can bring variation to my meals. And saves time spent on thinking what to eat for the next meal.
Sue N.
It's okay not sure of change what you eat when you find what fits your lifestyle and dietary needs. It actually makes one's life easier to eat the same foods all the time. We just have a rule not to eat one food more than once a day. Shopping is easier, meal prep is easier, thinking is easier.
Lorena S.
All the time! Although often it's the same base ingredients but served in a different way. (I'm Mexican. Nearly every dish is meat, salsa, and tortilla, but served differently!). For example, I eat Zucchini with tomatos and onions often. Sometimes I just sautée it as a side. Sometimes I make it into zoodles and add some chicken to be a main course. Sometimes I eat it raw, or bake into chips. There are lots of ways to change things up even with the same ingredients (Sometimes different spices) I recommend trying it out with some of your favorites!
Duy N U.
Actually my taste depends on my mood and my mindset.
At different periods, I have different taste. For instance, I am more on healthy food instead of fried foods as old days. Therefore, the important deal here is 'just go for it'. Don't be hesitate. Everything will make sense for something eventually.
Bertoldo E.
For me I help my mum with meal planning our meals each week. It allows us to look back and vary meals. We have a range of breakfast cereals as well as options of toast and eggs etc. I love cooking so I'm always looking at new recipes in recipe books to try and vary meals
Kaiya F.
Normally I will have leftovers and I personally don’t like having the same meal twice in a row so I leave it in the fridge and eat it the next day DONT FORGET ABOUT IT
Marie E.
Change the method of cooking from time to time – potatoes could be baked, fried or mashed, for example. Add in a small ingredient from time to time (spices and herbs change the whole game) and change the side dish (the dip, sauce or what the main dish is eaten with).
Laaibah Z.
I try not to eat the same breakfasts everyday, but if I did, I would eat the food that I enjoy and like, rather than the food that I don’t like.
Diar F.
Different flavours sometimes I use oregano sometimes salt so I don’t get bored easily it even helps if you have company li for example your family or friends
Sasha Q.
I enjoy different cuisines. Sometimes I cook. I suggest recipes to my husband. Lots of spices and hot sauce can vary even the same foods. I delight in food so I rarely struggle to think of something unique and delicious to eat. We live in a time and place where food is far too easy to come by, so procuring food from different sources is simple.
Lawrence Z.
Usually varying between fruits can be enough but having toast everyday can be boring. I try to enjot cooking whatever is different in the fridge.
Mason S.
I usually go to instagram and look for some nice looking meals that drive my hunger and make me motivated to do it myself
Jodie F.
I make a two weeks meal plan, mixing it up with a different meat each day. I like to make sure that I have at least 3 different veggietales with my meal and then a small portion or carbohydrates. Sometimes my meal plan changes but that might be because of the certain activities I do after work or because something has cropped up unexpectely, which means on those nights it will be a quick and easy meal to make, rather than a meal that takes longer to prepare. I really do find that a meal plan helps you to think about what you are putting into your body on a daily basis and it is also one less thing to worry about on a daily basis too!
Victoria F.
the best answer i have is research. look into what foods are best for your body and living a healthy lifestyle. once you know what those are, it’s much easier to plan your recipes and meals around them and create a variety of meals that still give you what you’re craving while being healthy! 80-20 rule is crucial
Wallace E.
I try to get myswlf in a habit of meal prep. For instance if I have made a batch of curry for next 3 days, one time I have with rice, or with bread I keep changing the way I eat with same set of foods. It's all about improvising and tuning into creativity.