What are some breakfasts you can make when there’s not a lot of food in the house?

Melissa S.
I usually just toast two slices of bread,on one side o spread some butter and on the other I spread some jelly sauce and it is delicious with a side of fruit juice.I really recommend this because it keeps you full throughout the day 🙂

Julia W.
Fruits! We always have fruits at home, eventho I don't really like most of them. But if theres no other food at home I just stare at a banana or an apple until I want to eat it.

Erica Q.
Stock your house with eggs, frozen vegetables, and rice. Omelette or scrambled w/ veggies or a fried rice loaded with veggies are a great way to get full w/ little ingredients. Oats can also be savory and rice can be sweet so experiment. Frozen fruit and orange juice (yogurt if you like) makes a quick smoothie.

Heinz Werner S.
An egg (fried, scrambled, boiled, poached,etc.), a low glycemic fruit such as a banana or avocado, a protein drink, a slice of whole-grain toast with whatever topping you have, a bowl of oatmeal, even just a glass of milk or spoon of nut butter

Maya Q.
You can make an omelet or simply fry an egg. You can also eat fruit with yogurt, cheese with tomatoes and cucumbers or oatmeal mix. Try to drink a glass of fruit juice too

David J.
1 part oatmeal + 2 parts water, cook for about 10 minutes, stir every now and then. When done, add some cinnamon for extra flavour. I eat it with frozen berries that I defrost in the microwave. Delicious!

Sara Z.
Flavored oatmeal with 2% milk, Healthy Cereal, I like to see what food is in the house that I can grab and go in the morning or prepare quickly at night for the morning.

H Dieter X.
Always buy some basics. Eggs, milk, flour, salt, oil. You can always make something from these. I tend to not overstock my fridge, as I think I just end up wasting food, but my freezer always has some meat in it because you never know when you'll need it. Same for eggs, when you're in a rush, they're so versatile.

Sergio O.
Eggs are very versatile so I always keep a good stock of eggs -you can scramble, poach or boil and even fry in a non-stick pan to keep it healthy. Porridge is also a store cupboard must and can be made healthier by mixing with water, especially if there is nothing else in the house.

Anna S.
– A handful of nuts
– bread with jam / cheese / …
– yoghurt with some toppings,
– milk with oatmeal and toppings like banana or other fruits / seeds,
– egg with bread / spinach / …
– pancake: just need flour, milk & eggs, and sugar is optional, you can put toppings in or on it.
-you can also make a banana pancake if you prefer!
-a light soup, such as japanese miso soup (you can stack some packages, there are certain types where you add a package to hot water and it’s done)

Good luck! 🙂

Denice P.
I make cold brew coffee the night before, and an egg sandwich with cheese & advocado in the morning. For this, all you need is 1 egg, half an advocado, toast & some cheese of your choosing in an one-pan recipe

Sullivan Q.
It can be banana, rice, hard boiled eggs (or just egg in general), any carbohydrate foods that's available which provides energy for your day.

Diane P.
If you have bread, eggs and a vegetable or cheese, u can make a one pan egg veg sandwich. Crack an egg, put some salt, wait till its semi firm, put a slice of bread on top. Flip. Add cheese, shredded carrots or lettuce, or broccoli, put another slice of bread on top, flip, cook half a min or a min, eyeball whether the bread is brown and ur done!

Alexander F.
You can have nuts, fruits, or yougurt! Those are all great breakfast foods for the morning! They will give your body the energy it needs to go for the day. If this was a computer… 😠😡🤥

Aldemar Z.
Oatmeal is always a good one. All you need is oats and sugar, but if you have spices like cinnamon or some fruits or flax or chia seeds, you can add any of those in. Speaking of fruit, eat any you can! Even some frozen vegetables with salt and pepper can be a good breakfast, though admittedly less traditional. Toast with some butter and jam is a delicious classic

Raul N.
Eggs are definitely a go to for me. You can make them so many different ways and not get tired. If I don't eat eggs I'll eat fruit or a protein shake.

Random F.
As I'm not sure what food you do have, I'm only able to share what I usually have for breakfast. Just a simple oatmeal topped with bananas! Or some chicken oatmeal. They're both really good and healthy too.

Frances O.
Try eating something healthy like takee around 2 to 3 bananas or you can take a toast with some greek yogurts or try oatmeal

Helmut X.
I like to make yogurt bowls or egg sandwiches. In the yogurt bowl I would put fruits and granola, and a drizzle of honey. For the egg sandwich, pan fry an egg and toast a bread of your choosing. Put cheese and spinach, maybe some bacon and the egg!

Nour N.
Eggs of all kinds ( scrambled, fried, boiled)
French toast with cheese on top (roasted is way better)
A cup of tea or a warm cup of sweet coffee
Pancakes when I have time to bake them from scratch