What are the healthiest food and is easy to cook in breakfast?

Jill Z.
Boiled eggs, with some nuts and some fruit. Otherwise the porridge is really quick and easy to cook, plus you can add fruit, honey, and whatever else you want!^^~

Fernando Y.
For me, I prepare breakfast the night before. 40g of porridge oats mixed with a fat free yoghurt. In the morning, I top it off with some fresh berries. It's lovely and creamy and ready for eating first thing. There are also plenty of recipes for overnight oats with different flavours.

Christelle Q.
Porridge is by far the healthiest quickest way to have an easily cooked breakfast. It keeps you full for ages, has a lot of nutrients. Overnight oats is an option too. You can just grab it on your way out if necessary. Topping options and flavours are endless. I like berries, almond powder, sometimes chocolate powder or nibs with raspberries when I need a treat. Banana, maple syrup and chopped pecans is delicious. You can also add spice like cinnamon and cardamom or fresh grated ginger. The possibilities are endless. If you are so inclined, the Scots like their porridge savory. So it can open a lot of other toppings choices. It's a great alternative to complex carbohydrates like bread or processed cereal.

Kate J.
Whether or not a food is healthy really depends on what your body needs at any given time. For me, I get a lot of brain fog if I don't get enough protein in my diet so starting off with something that is protein and complex carbs is best. Things like beans or chickpeas seem to do me well, but I will not cook in the morning so I need to prepare them ahead of time. If I haven't cooked ahead, mixed nuts is a good easy-to-grab alternative.

Dana B.
for breakfast I personally love having lots of fruits that have a lot of vitamins! I then have oatmeal with some sour youghurt ,topped with nuts !It keeps me full and it's SOO tasty!That was food that u don't have to cook but when it comes to "cook " food liked on a pan or something I love making eggs !Boiled eggs are good and recommended from me.I love doing bread with some cheese in it as well tip: protein ,dark bread makes you much fuller ;D

Jasmina Q.
I dont think there is one answer for everyone. Everything dependa on someone's body needs, what vitamins and minerals they are lacking, that desease someone has etc. For myself at this stage are just cornflakes with milk, but to me honest shortly i should go with some yogurth, fruits, granola, eggs etc. Just simply stuck to my diet related with my body needs and health issues.

Abdias P.
Something i like to make would be broccolie with garlic and a bit of peper its a really good and healthy dish and very easy to make and u can even eat for breakfast hope this helped.

Nur S.
A rice paper combined with chicken roasted, salad, mayoneise, bbq sause and a rice noodle. Wrap like a sandwich. Its totally nice to taste ❤ simple, delicious and easy peasy to make 😋