If you want to eat breakfast with egg, what you usually make with it?

Alizee Y.
I usually scramble 2 large eggs (depends on how hungry you are) with oatmeal, banana, pecans, and some sort of fruit like applesauce or berries with strawberry water on the side.
Kirsten X.
I love a crispy toasted English muffin, with just a touch of butter on it. Then add the Sunny side up fried egg with salt and pepper…mmm my mouth is watering as we speak. If you want to add a bit of healthy fat, try a couple of slices of avocado.
Tevia F.
I make an egg and toast, cut a whole in the middle of the bread with a cup or cookie cutter and spread butter on both sides, then stick it in the pan and pour the egg in the center and let it cool until the egg is how you want it, and then flip to cook on the other side. I add salt and pepper as well while it's cooking. I also have scrambled eggs on toast or a fried egg by itself.
Ella C.
I love scrambled eggs but I try to alternate among other options as fried (with butter) or omelette (which I fill it up with olives, cheese or tomatoes). By the side I complement with something else as grilled mushrooms, beans or avocado
Manuele Y.
Boiled egg. Easy to do, sometime I add a little bit of salt and then I eat a fruit. So I have a salty and sweet breakfast
Philip Z.
I usually just make some simple scrambled eggs with condiments on top! 🍳 Scrambled eggs with salsa is pretty gols actually!
Verg Lio S.
I don't usually have eggs, but usually I'll have some toast, bacon, or some fresh fruit. I know it sounds weird, but if you have the fruit on a separate plate, it doesn't taste weird. You'll also get different nutrients from each different part of the food groups.
Penny P.
Normally, I would enjoy my eggs as omelettes with some cheese on the side. I would usually have a drink on the side. Most of the times, that drink is mango juice
Janet T.
Eggs are a favourite breakfast option of mine because of their versatility. I usually change up how I prepare them based on my mood, level of hunger, and what is available to go with it. Scrambled eggs on toast are quick and tasty, sometimes a nice omelette with veggies in it, sometimes a spicy shakshuka, or some leftovers thrown together with a fried egg on top. Here in Sri Lanka, sometimes we also have fried or boiled eggs with traditional breakfast dishes like rice and curry, milk rice, string hoppers, or sweet potatoes.
Christine T.
I do not eat eggs. I am vegan. Eggs are not good for the body. There are much better sources of plant based protein. Also factory farming is cruel and unhealthy and bad for the environment .
Alice E.
I have mine fried, or I make an omelette with shredded cheese and some leftover protein I have in the fridge, maybe just a few slices of lunch meat diced or veggies. I prefer omelettes.
Mariara Y.
Scrambled egg or an omelette. That way I can combine other healthy stuff too like spinach, peppers, mushrooms and some cheese. Both are quick and portable and can be reheated at work if I need to.
Angelica Z.
Boiled eggs are the ones i go for, i don't have to worry about them and the only thing i need is a timer, but there are many other ways I ate it, scrambled are a tasty way to enjoy eggs and you can add as many ingredients as you want, thats a good thing too if you want to change your breakfast. Plus the eggs go well with fruits and definitely good with a toast and coffe
Nolan U.
I'll make it with a cup of veggie milk, a glass of water or of orange juice and with two slices of sandwich bread with peanut butter on it. If I'm motivated, I'll have done a smoothie last day and I will drink it instead of the water or the orange juice.
Stefan X.
I usually make eggs with bacon, sometimes I make french bread. I mix eggs with almond milk and soak bread in it, then bake the soaked bread in a frying pan. I sometimes add bacon and honey. Otherwise, I make an omelette with mushrooms and onions, with sausages.
Tj W.
If I have 2 boiled eggs, I have it with 1 slice of toast.
Sometimes I fry it with a bagel but most times its boiled with 1 slice of toast. But I love eggs and don't get tired of eating it.