What to do about mindless eating? I mean when you eat just because you’re getting bored, how to stop that?

Rebecca C.
The easiest way to combate mindless eating is to find replacement activities. It is better to be productive but not necessary:) anything keeping your hands and mind distracted from the boredom will prevent your mind from having the extra time to go full sleuth on you and trick your mind into thinking you're hungry. you may need a protein rich snack but just make it small or avoid altogether until your hunger cues are more accurate and genuine.
Demi F.
I try to do other thinks so that I'm no longer bored. Like playing a game or play with my cat. Yet sometimes my body says that I need to eat mindlessly because im bored but nothing I eat helps. It's because my body actually requires water but it doesn't know how to say that. So before I give in to mindless eating I first drink some water. Maybe try that.
Pheonyx I.
First step is being aware that you’re doing it, So Great Job! Second part is instead of going cold turkey replacing it with a better habit that produces dopamine, you could paint, crochet, Draw, or something else you enjoy!