Which fast healthy b’fast option available other than eggs?

Alberto Lucas
Porridge – oats in a bowl, fill with milk or water to just above the top of the oats, put it in the microwave for 2 mins

Everett Watkins
Oatmeal is a great one! Use whole oats (store brand or Quaker) instead of quick 1-minute oats. Add seeds, nuts, fresh or dried fruit to your taste. You can still make it in the microwave, but whole oats have a better texture and are just as fast! Avoid pre-packaged oatmeal to avoid the added sugars and sodium. Plus homemade can be customized and changed for overnight oats (cold) or hot oats! Tons of fiber! 🙂

Cassandra Guillot
This requires some prep, but I love oven roasted butternut squash reheated, throw some fresh blueberries on top, and pour coconut milk over it. Optionally you could use sweet potato instead as well.

Simon Christensen
My usual breakfast is porridge, which you can vary so much! At the moment, I have almond milk, oats, peanut butter, sunflower seeds, golden syrup and if I'm feeling fancy, some melted dark chocolate! It's filling and full of good stuff!

Bertram Petersen
Tofu scramble
Over night oats
Protein shake
Nuts and fruit
Peanut butter toast and fruit
Healthy, homemade muffins and fruit
Protein pancakes

Diane Mills
Healthy brands of cereal and milk, apples and peanut butter, oatmeal and fruit, protein shakes (more than just water and powder for better taste), energy bars, etc.

Carter Hill
I often go for my favorite trail mix, it has both nuts and dried fruit in it, and I add some granola for extra protein and fiber. It has both fast and slow sugars to give me energy whenever I need it. I pair it with a glass of oat milk so that my mouth doesn't dry out.

Laura Hernandez
Yogurt, fruit, nuts, oatmeal… you can even make healthy pancakes out of either protein powder or a banana (recipes online). My go-to is a protein shake. 🍂

Adeodato Mendes
Overnight oats with almond milk and topped with chopped nuts and fresh fruit. Or nonfat plain greek yogurt with the same.

Lisa Williams
I’m not actually sure what your question is – it’s not a complete question. Which option is in my house at the moment? Or which foods are acceptable alternatives?

Julia Garcia
Fruits and nuts. I sometimes eat a bowl of fruit (frozen or fresh) with some alpro vanilla yoghurt and may sprinkle some nuts on it. Oats are also a good option to have and peanut butter. You can put your peanut butter in your oats to add more flavour or add dried/fresh/frozen fruit. Peanut butter can also go on bagels or toast and you can put banana slices on it. An alternative to spreads are mashed avocado or hummus – there are many different flavours of hummous like caramelised onion or sweet chilli. For a more liquid breakfast, you can have a smoothie and there are many recipes on the internet with different nutrients for different goals if you don't know how to make smoothies.

Julia Banks
I like a bowl of porridge with a small bowl of strawberries, blueberries and apple. Definitely great and easy on a cold day

Salustiniano Silveira
I make my own peanut butter, and put that on gluten free whole grain toast with a banana. I also have a small glass of protein almond milk (chocolate is the BEST), and some coffee with a spoonful of organic coconut oil.

Christoffer Nielsen
An apple cut up with a tablespoon of peanut butter, or oats with oat milk (oat milk can be warmed up on colder mornings) or a handful of mixed nuts, seeds and cranberries.

Malou Larsen
I prep overnight oats every night. A half cup of dry oats with a cup of almond milk. Add 1 tbsp of peanut butter and 2 teaspoons of honey. In the morning, I slice a small banana over the oats, give it a good stir, and eat it.

Jerome Peters
Salads ,wraps , oats Indian recipes , like dal … you can also have home made juices 🥤 with lime carrot 🥕 apple 🍎 and many more with our sugar try making them salty and spicy to get that wow !🤩feeling

Ilyès Clement
Overnight oats, tofu scramble, toast with veggies and hummus, banana pancakes, smoothies, granola and fruit, potato scramble with veggies and sriracha

Megan Simpson
-high-protein plain yogurt and seeds, nuts and fruit
-miso soup (the traditional Japanese breakfast)
-a variety of smoothies.

Sebastian Pedersen
-Bannana & peanut butter bowl.
-shpinach, avocado, peanut butter smoothie (for a sweet version you can add bannana of a spoon of honey)
– i love this one- bannana, bran & peanut butter pancakes. And its only these three ingredients.. you can add an oat meal insted of a bran.

Emily Rasmussen
Breakfast sandwich 🥪
Granola bar with lots of fiber
Smoothies (fruity ones last you longer)

These are just some of my ideas. You could try looking at Pinterest to find easy on-the-go breakfast

Sadi Gonçalves
Porridge with nuts and seeds, plus a piece of fruit like an apple or banana sprinkled on top 🙂 it's quick in the microwave and you can make it vegan by using plant based milk

Christine Anderson
Protein bars or shakes are great if you have to leave early and don’t want to cook at 4 in the morning. Trail mix is also a quick yet very effective breakfast that has proteins and fiber to keep your energy up until lunch!

Hazel Gomez
I personally chose to eat baked beans (on toast with cheese) on weekdays and during the weekend eat eggs. So that it differs but still always includes a lot of protein to keep me full

Domínico Fernandes
I had homemade waffles one day and I had vector cereal with some fruit and water and finally on the first day I had more cereal and some toast

Viola Donath
I love breakfast smoothies! I can put pineapple, spinach, etc in a baggie in the freezer ahead of time. Morning of, put my frozen ingredients, plus coconut milk, protein powder, and hemp hearts – and voila! A delicious breakfast (that tastes like a piña colada by the way), that is healthy and keeps me full all morning.

Toledo Fogaça
Yoghurt with granola or steel cut oatmeal with yoghurt to add protein. A big salad with a small portion of protein is also an option.

Nora Weinrich
I go for a smoothie with oats and peanut butter and coconut, but muesli works too! Or if time is the issue, I pre-make stuff – eggs, or chia pudding cups, or porridge!

Richard Carpenter
Apple or banana with peanut butter or a protein shake are great and filling. The protein shake keeps you feeling full longer.

Michael Richardson
I am allergic to eggs, so I have to make some alternatives too. English muffins with peanut butter and banana is a good choice, or oatmeal. Sometimes I prepare a smoothie with low sugar yogurt, strawberries, almond milk, and honey. Turkey bacon is a good source of protein to keep you full until lunch. Making protein muffins at the beginning of the week is both fun and makes the mornings easy!

Tom Castro
Other types of protein is good. Examples include bacon, sausage, or ham. Pre-made sausage patties are a quick way to cook a healthy breakfast. Already fully cooked bacon that just needs heating up is another option.

Lee Anderson
Actually I've never had enough time to cook in the morning so, I found that A slice of bread or banana is enough to start a day