What can I eat for great breakfast?

Vit Lio Q.
Everything that our body needs but it is recommended healthy homegrown low sugar food like fruits, nuts, seeds, smoothies, vegetarian food. It is also important how we eat a meal.
Taciana C.
You can choose what you eat as long as it is healthy and healthy is not only salads and stuff like that no you can eat lots of fruit, yoghurt,oatmeal,sugar free cornflakes,some almonds, bread with cheese and a lot more but a good thing to add to it is a banana that wil give you lots of energy for the day.
Morris R.
I love toast! One of my favorite breakfasts is whole grain toast with peanut butter and sliced banana. If I feel like something spicy, I love whole grain toast with half an avocado mashed on top, pico de gallo, hot sauce, and one over easy egg. Nutritious and filling!
Tommy E.
I’m working full time and doing an apprenticeship at the moment so I’m really busy I like quick but healthy morning food like overnight oats or Buddha bowls I can make the night before and just grab from the fridge! Love these! There are loads of free recipes online!
Isabella Z.
I eat a smoothie every day for breakfast. It’s easy and has greens, protein, and fat to help me feel good. You could also try overnight oats, eggs and vegetables (there are even make ahead egg muffin recipes out there), or even something as quick and easy as peanut butter on toast. Start small and don’t let perfect get in the way of good!
Rodney W.
I soaked 1/2 cup of plain oatmeal in skim milk ( or water) and left it in the fridge overnight. In the morning I warm it up and mash a banana in it for a slight sweet taste. It was great an I felt satisfied.
Maya R.
Outmeal with nuts and berries is a great choice. Bread with vegetable and sprinkle of oil. I also like smoothie, where I put all I can find, like cucumber, carrot, orange, banana, chia seeds, bit of water so I can drink it. If I'm very hungry I put there spoon of nut butter.
Kimberly O.
Oatmeal, peanut butter, nuts, yogurt, eggs, avacado, bananas, cereal, lean meats, coffee, water, whole grain breads, fruits, veggies, mushrooms, cheese. There are many, many options!
Sara W.
I like a piece or two of avocado toast with either a fried egg on top or scrambled eggs on the side. If I’m more in the mood for something lighter, I will have plain Greek yogurt with some low-sugar granola and honey drizzled on top. If you want, you can add so berries as well.
Alyssa N.
Something with protein is always my suggestion. Eggs/meat if you have time and if your diet allows. Or: Greek yogurt with fruit (my 2nd fav!), oatmeal with some protein powder mixed in, a smoothie…the possibilities are endless if you get creative enough!
Johanne C.
I tend to make myself scrambled eggs, whole grain toast and some fruit. It’s quick and simple and keeps me full until lunch.
Irmtraud G.
Eags with vegetables. Risotto with vegetables or dried mushrooms. Smoothie with season fruits. Tuna salad with mild cheese and olive oil. Hummus on brown bread.
Choco Tahini. Corn bread. Pesto sauce.
Marilou E.
I like scrambling eggs, eating fruit, (today I had a mango) and eating protein bars. All of these items are inexpensive and easy to grab.
Mathew O.
A healthy, protein packed smoothie/ shake is always my favorite. I use Herbalife meal replacements. However if you like something more solid, go for a fruit parfait with Greek yogurt or boiled eggs with oatmeal or is spinach and chicken omelette is always a quick and tasty way to go. Have fun with the breakfast and remember to always have a good protein Incorporated in the meal.
Lillian J.
My go tos because I have texture joys

Greek Yogurt almonds fruit or poached eggs rye toast or oatmeal with almonds agave nectar

Alice S.
If you have the time, I definitely recommend eating a two egg omelette/scrambled/ or fried in coconut oil or canola oil two pieces of toast with grape jelly and half a cup of fruit (I’m a sucker for grapes!)
Karl Georg F.
Protein, good fats, and some carbs!! Try to stay away from sugars. I usually go for a good cereal and make sure the fibre is higher than the sugar.
Caleb S.
Oatmeal with cinnamon, peanut butter, and banana (NO ADDED SUGAR) and eggs are the best way to start the day!! Don’t forget about a glass of water!
Ekkehart S.
I generally eat 1-2 slices of roasted bread, egg, olives,olive oil, cheese and tomatoes. Occasionally I change it to assorted fruits
Leo Z.
A breakfast with foods containing a low glycemic index. Bananas are a great example. They release energy slowly throughout the day and keep you fulelr for longer. Musli is also a good option. Apples are fibrous so will be very good for digestion. Have this with a filling egg and some peanut butter and you're set for the day.
Ma Lie Q.
For a healthy breakfast, I can eat low sugar fruits (apples, bananas etc), protein such as eggs, mixed nuts or peanut butter, and should switch to tea in the morning instead of coffee
Lise Z.
I love eggs and for me scrambled eggs with a piece of fruit or a low sugar yogurt is something that works out for me and gives me plenty of energy to start the day. Drink whatever you fancy as long as it hydrates you and doesn’t add a lot of sugar to your morning.
N Dege C.
You must eat some fruits, cereals and protein. I prefer eating eggs and toast with peanut. Remember that is your first meal in the day, so it's very important.
Irmhild O.
Apples and bananas are better than muffins because they have a low glycemic index and will sustain your energy throughout the day; while the muffin while spike your energy for 30 minutes and then make you crash.
Eggs, cheese, and protein bars are also great choices for breakfast.
Oatmeal is a great substitute for cereals and a healthy option loaded with fiber to start your day.
If you don’t feel hungry in the morning try to have a light breakfast or eat some nuts and that will get you started in the routine of having a great breakfast each day.
Patr Cia Q.
I have three types of breakfasts on rotation: oatmeal with bananas, chia seeds, almond milk, and cinnamon; smoothies; scrambled eggs with turmeric and cumin
Dylan U.
These are my 3 favourite:
1. Plain rolled oats porridge with honey and sliced fruit along with a cup of herbal morning tea.
2. Wholemeal bread toasted with a little butter, some fresh baby spinach, smoked salmon (sometimes I lightly toast it in a little olive oil fresh garlic and mint), boiled egg and sometimes I sprinkle some shredded cheese. Add a piece of fruit if still hungry and swallow down with fresh squeezed juice.
3. Fresh greek yogurt with protein granola pieces on top along with a drizzle of honey, perfect for a quick breakfast or pack away and take for lunch as well.
Lawrence J.
I just add on some nutritious food during breakfast. Apple, banana, and egg are my favorute ones. Plus i started replacing coffee to fresh milk. Need to boost some protein in my body so that my body can absorb nutrients. Always have fruits everytime i eat :))
C Lia I.
I would say the beat thing to eat for breakfast is fruits especially banana. It's gives fuel to your body for the day. You can eat nuts they give energy too.
No Lie O.
I consider a good breakfast to be a hot plate of protein, fruit, and some sort of carb. I love eating eggs and sausage links with some blackberries and toast. Sometimes a bowl of oatmeal, fruit, and sausage links work well for me. If I’m in a rush, I get the Quakers oatmeal ready made bowls.
Rubi P.
My favorite breakfast is fried egg whites or sugar free French toast! The fried egg whites start my day off feeling energized and healthy, whereas the French toast starts my day with a sweet treat! Toast with a fried egg on it is also great, or cereal with fruit and a teaspoon of stevia. I also like to make a good drink with my breakfast, like a mocha, milk tea or a smoothie. Proteins are important in breakfast, and it’s good to wait until later on the sugar, sense it causes drowsiness about an hour after eating it.
Tristan P.
For gain mussel you can eat a egg 1 glaas milk some cake and if you have a habit of drinking tea then drink tea. Some fruits also.