How do you cope with morning nausea?

Ema S C.
I actually still can't cope with that. I just simply don't eat breakfast till i am very hungry, otherwise I will gag which makes me not wanting to eat breakfast even more than i already do. I try to wait till the time while snacking on easy, safe food.

Angie S.
try some lifestyle changes:

get plenty of rest (tiredness can make nausea worse)
avoid foods or smells that make you feel sick
eat something like dry toast or a plain biscuit before you get out of bed
eat small, frequent meals of plain foods that are high in carbohydrate and low in fat (such as bread, rice, crackers and pasta)
eat cold foods rather than hot ones if the smell of hot meals makes you feel sick
drink plenty of fluids, such as water (sipping them little and often may help prevent vomitin