What are some tips on how to have a great breakfast? As a student sometimes rushing to class a few snacks or hacks not to miss breakfast as well?

Olivia W.
If you can do some baking, make a batch of savoury muffins with vegetables and feta cheese as key ingredients. A muffin and a piece of fruit can be breakfast. Freeze the muffins in little bags and they're good to go.
Also a breakfast smoothie of fruit, oats, milk, yoghurt, honey can be made quickly and consumed on the run.
Irmela B.
A great option is a healthy protein shake (Isagenix is what I use) that takes second to make and I can take and drink on the run.
Samuel F.
I am a student as well, and, in my experience, there are no shortcuts: just wake up earlier in order to have a greater breakfast.
You can heat some water for making tea, in the meantime, eat something else. Fruit, bread and jam, yoghurt with cornflakes and jam; avoid pancakes, eggs or things that you really have to cook, if you want to be quicker. If you want, you can otherwise make a giant bowl containing yoghurt, cornflakes, fruit, jam, or whatever you want!
Stephanie S.
Well as a student you could buy your breakfast the night before, and prepare it also the night before so the next day when you want breakfast at the time you want food. You’ve got some. But if you’re not a student you can still apply this to your life.
Jerry S.
Preparation is key! Make a quiche on Sunday and package individual slices in to-go containers for a quick and easy breakfast the rest of the week. Or make chia overnight oats. Spend one afternoon to prep your food for the rest of the week. That will help keep you on track of a healthy breakfast each morning.
Wade I.
As a fellow student, I usually try to find something that I can eat quickly that’s not unhealthy. Bananas are a good example.
Daniel U.
Prep beforehand is key. Also finding some quick recipes that you can meal prep and put in the freezer. I like to make little egg sandwhiches and put them in the freezer and just heat it up before class. You get all your macros with the egg, cheese, and ham. And make sure to get up at least an hour before you have to leave. It gives you ample time to have a good morning and not feel rushed. For snacks, you could make your own granola or overnight oats and then bring it with you to eat in class. Depending on how long you are in class, you could also pack a lunch fo eat during class. For me, my professors don't seem to care as lo g as I'm not disruptive.
Kasper F.
Always take time for your morning routine. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and you will enjoy it a lot more if you take your time for it. I take at least an hour in the morning so I can sit down, have a nice breakfast and watch a series, read an article or listen to a podcast.
Cecilie C.
I am a student too and I think „overnight oats“ are a great way to have a Great Breakfast, even when you have very little time in the morning. You just grab some oats, milk (you can also use almond milk, soy,.. whatever you like) and mix it in a jar. I like to add some nuts, berries or fruits too, or some peanut butter on top. You can prepare all that the night before, just mix it and put it in the fridge and viola: in the morning you have a breakfast that’s already done! Even if you oversleep you can just grab it and eat it on the way, or in a lecture, just bring a spoon and enjoy 🙂
Justin C.
I’ll make prep the night before. Overnight oats are a great breakfast. Even just grabbing a banana and a power bar can give you some energy
Fernando G.
I enjoy boiling eggs while I’m getting dressed and I can eat them on the go. Instant oatmeal has been helpful because it doesn’t take to long to make. Yogurt and fruit are great to eat while walking or driving to class.
Apolline Y.
Make your breakfast ahead.
Egg muffins are easy to make and can be frozen too.
There are so many variations you can make with eggs.
If you need a muffing, get it out of the freezer, microwave it and that’s it.