What are the healthy breakfast options? Specifically before exercising?

John S.
I prefer to just drink water then exercises. But if you must eat first, something light like whole grain high fiber toast with avacado.
Nicklas U.
I start my day with cottage cheese for a high protein fix right after waking. I suggest seasoning with salt and pepper. Sometimes I also have a piece of fruit, but usually I'm just not very hungry, so I prioritize the cottage cheese over the fruit.
Tanguy O.
I think the healthy breakfast options are : fruits eggs maybe vegetables
Before exercising it's good to take fruits and maybe cottage cheese yogurt
I need to check sites on this subject
Glenda Z.
Porridge is my go to breakfast. I can add extra nuts or chia, add various type of milk… make is sweeter. Very good all year round!
Caroline J.
I usually have something light before exercising like nuts or something but then have my big breakfast after. I usually have porridge or avocado and eggs on toast with some veg- sometimes with salmon. But if I do eat before a workout I wait for an hour to make sure my food has settled
Argentino A.
Protein! Hard boiled or poached eggs are better than fried. If breakfast is hard a protein shake can be a good option. Or even just a slice or two of deli meat. Avoid sugary breakfasts they will make you crash 🙁
Tami A.
I’ve been eating a bowl of one whole sliced banana (just using the same spoon I’ll eat with), a couple handfuls of blueberries, a generous pinch or two of toasted granola, and almond milk poured over it all this past week. It feels filling and refreshing, I don’t work out in the mornings before work, but I don’t feel this would make me overly full that it would be uncomfortable to work out, but the banana and almond milk give enough substance that I’d be able to do a moderate workout without feeling light headed.
Josh F.
I don’t tend to eat before my morning workout but after I finish and have taken a shower I eat oatmeal with fruit and nuts
Francis W.
I normally have a banana to fill me up. If I’m going to the gym after lunch I will normally have some rice and falafel for a slow burn. 👌
Franciane Q.
I do fasted cardio so breakfast comes after working out but I usually have 2 eggs scrambled with wheat toast and an apple
And a bottle of water
Cl A S.
If you workout in the morning, I suggest you eat after you workout. Your body will use the fat stored in your body for FUEL! This is called KETOSIS!
Stella U.
Egg is the best breakfast i think. i usually eat eggs and toast. Now i try to update my breakfast into broccoli, carrot, fruit juice, oatmeals with almond etc.,
Anne Marie E.
I put banana, datteri, Apple in the mixer with rice milk.
Or porridge with fresh fruit and nuts
Or miso soup with vegetables
Yuraci O.
I don't usually eat before exercising in the morning, I stay hydrated during exercising. What I do is eat two eggs after my work out and tea because I'm usually on the go
Am S N.
Organic Peanut butter on whole wheat toast topped with banana and/or Natural low fat yogurt with apple, cinnamon and a drizzle of honey.
Katherine N.
I never eat before my workout. After I meditate in the morning I go to the gym and then make breakfast as soon as I get home. I try to do foods that are high in protein and lower carb but I don’t worry about the carbs as much since it’s my first meal and it’s after a workout. I more worry about all my food being whole, real foods. Here are a list of some of the things I have for breakfast:

– berries 1-2 cups + cottage cheese
– avocado toast
– eggs
– egg bake (like a quiche but no crust and lots of veggies
– oatmeal with peanut butter and berries

Max S.
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Jacque Z.
I personally have a slow metabolism so I like to eat foods that won’t feel heavy in my stomach. When I would wake up for morning practices or two-a-days, I would typically have fruit and yogurt or an egg on toast. Even now if I’m wanting some food before exercise, I’ll lean towards some sort of yogurt or a granola bar such as a Cliff bar!
Martha E.
I like to exercise on an empty stomach early in the morning but if I am hungry when I wake up, I like to have some carbs or protein. For example peanut butter toast or a piece of fruit
August U.
Mix of protein foods and slow burning sugars. Example: eggs, peanut butter and fruit, yogurt and lenen seeds, plain oatmeal cereals
Xavier O.
Myself, I always eat alpro mild and creamy with proteine oatflakes with chiaseeds. This gives you enough energy in order to exercise in the morning. If i have more time in the morning I like to make an omelet with e.g. mushrooms and spinach in it or different vegetables.
Malou C.
Don’t take something to heavy, just drink a water and banana to give you streght. And after exercise take some salad or other choices as you want.