When you only have 5minutes to eat breakfast before you leave, what do you do?

Tiffany Z.
Depends, if breakfast is ready then take it along to either have it on the way or after reaching the destination. If not then eat something quick like boiled egg, fruits, toast etc
Nichal Q.
when i'm late and i don't have time to do breakfast I usually try to take something from house that i will eat after maybe on the bus or train
Scott R.
As someone who frequently travels and is always on the go, I make sure I always readily have available foods that are convenient and easy to bring. Think bananas, oatmeal in a prepackaged cup, and yogurt in a prepackaged cup with fresh fruit and granola.
Trey J.
Can you share a "refrigerator made the night before" recipe that will be ready for mornings or just being a heat-n-go meal?