How does breakfast affect us throughout the day from a good and bad one

Randy T.
I either eat a good breakfast, a banana or no breakfast at all. If I do not eat a breakfast I think I tend to snack more throughout the day. When I eat a good breakfast I feel better about my morning. Also because it means that I got out of bed early enough to start my day not in a rush.
Joe U.
A good breakfast gives you energy and fills you up to deal with your morning until lunch. A bad breakfast will not keep you from feeling hungry or worn down before your next meal. While just coffee alone for breakfast may give you that boost if energy you need to get started, it will not last and you will make bad food choices all day without a good start
Marian S.
Making sure we give ourselves the proper fuel at the start of our day allows us to stay alert and active in a sustainable way. Without proper fuel (no breakfast/sugary breakfast), we are setting ourselves up for a crash midday, only souring our daily lives with grogginess.
Karla Z.
A rainy, cloudy day can be cheered up by a colourful plate of eggs or fruit attractively arranged to tastefully tempt you to eat healthily from the start of the day. A sunny, bright sky just invites you to take those plates and bowls outside to eat!
Micheal X.
I find that I’m in a better mood if I’ve eaten a good satisfying breakfast. It also helps to not go through the day hungry!
Axel P.
For a start it sets you up by thinking that you can make good decisions. That makes it easier to make good decisions about food throughout the day.
It also gives you the nutrients you need to have the energy for your work and play, and keeps your blood sugars balanced so that your mood is stable. That will affect all your interactions in a positive way and mean you get more positive energy from those around you.
Noemie Q.
It sends a signal to your body, first thing, that you are looking out for it and that you will take good care of it again today.
Ester W.
If you eat a poor breakfast, one with high sugar, such as doughnut, your energy will spike, then a few hours later you will crash. When you crash you search for anything that will give you a quick spike again: maybe those candies on your office desk. It just leads to a whole day of low energy.
Brandie Q.
A good breakfast with protein will give us energy that will last longer into the morning. We won’t have an energy crash and slump shortly after eating. We’ll feel able to move into the day, rather than get the wind knocked out of our sails early on.
Kelly S.
It gives me energy throughout the morning. I really can’t get out of the house without breakfast because i get hungry immediately.
Perry R.
If I don't get my breakfast 2 hours after I wake up i feel low on energy the rest of the day and I get headache so easily and I feel sad and have dark thoughts in my head. But when I eat a breakfast it helps me to Energize My body. I love to eat bread with butter and cheese in the mornings. Iron some corn flakes are or muesli with Milk. You can also just take some fruit and maybe a muesli bar or something.
Pedro T.
A good healthy breakfast in the morning not only starts up your metabolism but it also enables you to start your day properly. Not having a breakfast is fairly easy but it often leaves you feeling drained and tired for the remainder of the day. Not taking care of your body in the proper way leads to you not running as efficiently as you could.
Logan C.
It sets time aside for focus on day ahead …makes you consider what is healthy for your body.
It sustains you throughout the morning . Giving energy and focus
Courtney F.
To feel good you have to wake up good and eat the things you love. Just be carefull to not eat to much sugar, cause your body will be hungry for more after a very fast way. Coffee can make you nervese if you drink to much without eating enough. Enjoy your food, use healthy foods to receive more energy. Sleep well, remember you are loading your battery-body 🙂 and relax when you have breakfast, dont eat to fast, dont run after time, it will make you nervious.
Isobel U.
I have a simple mix of fruit and a hard-boiled egg. I generally did not eat breakfast prior to this program but I'm able to handle the food's I'm eating and it allows me to feel less hungry until lunch time. It also was a good time to get a serving of fruit in since I did not eat a lot of fruit before.
Lola N.
I believe it you have a good breakfast you focus far better and you also don't feel like snacking the whole time and so you can get more done.
Amalie U.
The more important question is not whether it is good or bad, but whether we eat one or not. Just choose something that you enjoy but will also give you enough energy. The only way to know whether your breakfast is “good” or “bad” is by taking note of how you are feeling by the afternoon.
Janin I.
Una colazione fatta con calma e con i giusti nutrienti ci da la carica per affrontare il nuovo giorno. Una colazione veloce, consumata al volo ci fa iniziare la giornata di fretta e non ci dona energia.
Melquisedeque Q.
A good breakfast will make you feel full and energized for the rest of the morning. A bad breakfast that is full of sugar will just give you a sugar high and then leave you exhausted and needing more food
Jamie Z.
A good, protein and fiber filled, breakfast are essential for energy because protein will provide a sustained energy that outlasts that of carbs and sugars and without a crash. Fiber helps your digestive system to get more nutrients and fuel from that protein-rich food as it increases your digestive efficiency.
Darrell S.
A good breakfast will give you a good start for your day and a healthy breakfast or make you focus on eating healthy all day long
Oscar U.
A good breakfast gives me furl to handle the day. It also gives me some time in the morning to reflect on the day ahead.
Sara F.
Breakfast allows me to feel more awake, it’s my starter of the day so it makes me feel like I can do anything. It also helps me balance out what I eat throughout the day.
Geza X.
A long breakfast makes you control the appetite throughout the day. You are more focus during the morning and you avoid to buy some bad sandwich at university.
Eva X.
When I eat something heavy, all day I feel without energy. When I eat healthy I feel more energetic and I don't get hungry so often. I eat rare and healthier.
Eleanor G.
For me personally, I really can’t survive without a good breakfast in the morning. Without breakfast I find myself hungry all morning and it sets me up for a disgruntled day. When I take time and make myself a nice breakfast I feel like I’m treating myself and really looking after my body and it puts me in a great mood! Not to mention I’m not reaching for snacks all morning!
Alexander W.
I think that we set ourselves up for success by eating breakfast so that we don’t feel like we “deserve” a high calorie treat later on. I know that if I eat an egg, fruit, and toast, I am motivated to eat healthy that day. If I eat something terrible, I figure the day is already shot, so I just make gluttonous choices all day.
Universina Q.
I don't feel hungry as fast as after sugary breakfast, thanks to that I can focus on things I care about for longer and don't have to stop midway our get my productivity be lowered by thoughts of a snack. And above that eggs are amazing so the change to that from sweet cereal is even bigger plus for me.
Enilda I.
I’ve noticed that without a solid breakfast I lose energy faster and that makes my day harder. I also appreciate how taking time to eat breakfast gives me time to reflect on the day I want and the day I face.
Felix G.
A good breakfast provides long term energy and the ability to focus and be productive without feeling worn out or distracted by hunger or blood sugar crashes.
April O.
If you eat a healthy breakfast such as egg, cereals or fruit, you ger energy to last your body up to noon time and your body gets good nutrients. You don't feel tired, or sluggish or hungry too soon. Skipping breakfast can cause acidity, make you hungry and tired long before lunch. Heaving a heavy breakfast, full of sweets or complex carbs, will innitially give you a boost of energy. However, after a couple of hours you will want to go straight to bed feeling low energy. So, it is best to eat something im the morning, something little, but significant. Eggs are best, but cereals or fruit like apples will also do.