Any tips for a breakfast without fructose?

Ruhollah A.
I think nuts, eggs and milk could make good options for a breakfast without fruits. Pistachios are my top choice among nuts because they don't trigger any allergies either. And milk can be lactose free if needed. Basically I think eggs and milk could be a complete breakfast, maybe with a bit of bread for the egg, because these two contain a good collection of necessary nutrients.
Amalie P.
I am eating steel cut oatmeal… first I toast the oats with MCT oil on high heat in a pot, then I add a small amount of oat milk. The oat milk absorbs within 2 minutes and then I add water and stir occasionally until done.
Dorota O.
U can add Jagger or mishri in India we used to eat this or add for person who don't eat sugar like me i genuinely add Jagger in little amount not too much cauz too much is more so little bit is fine or add fruits like banana apple or whatever taste sweet to you add jagger into ur daily life by replacing it with sugar ur life seems to be improved like mine did
Naomi P.
Make overnight oats, so when you wake up you already know what you are going to eat plus saves you time in the morning to go through all the thinking "what am I going to eat now".
2nd useful tip is to wake up earlier than usual (about 30 mins or so) and immediately have a cup of water then a cup of tea with 1tsp of honey (best if the tea is mint, because it's refreshing )