What is a your favorite go-to breakfast?

Aurora F.
My favourite to-go breakfast is oatmeal/porridge. It’s easy to make and taste delicious. It’s also a very filling breakfast and not that unhealthy.
Louella Z.
A smoothie, especially the kind that come pre-made. Boost shakes are also great for when you don't have the spoons to prepare a meal but still need calories and nutrition.
Paula C.
My favourite breakfast atm is rye toast with ABC spread (almond, brasil and cashew nut paste) with sprouts, and drizzle of flaxseed oil with freshly squeezed apple juice (with a few nuts ground into it to make an apple cappucino ) also love my expresso coffee
Margarethe O.
My go-to breakfast is boiled egg and rice. Boiled eggs have high protein content that makes me feel full up until lunch time. As a Filipino, I really like putting rice in my diet because it has carbohydrates that supplies my energy for the whole day.
Wren U.
I like to eat simple. I either eat cereal, or oats, or pastries. Keep in mind that what youre eating is healthy and good for you, and will also keep you going all day.
Yashmit O.
See, the thing is first of all try to make healthier things you like to eat. For me it's oats,eggs,nuts. Etc. Go for if bro. You got it.
Arianna U.
My favorite go-to breakfast would have to be like an oatmeal or even quicker an orange or banana. Oatmeal’s my top because it fills me up the most and it’s quick and yummy, never get tired of it.
Meili E.
I like making eggs because there’s so much you can do with them, scrambled, over hard, over easy, omelette, sandwich, etc. And you can season them however you like plus they’re easy to make! Hoped this was helpful 🙂
Itzcalli I.
If I don’t have time, a protein shake will do! I use gold standard whey protein, with almond milk and dry oats-adjust the ingredients to your needs 🙂 it fills me up, and makes me feel really good. Remember to drink a glass of water before any meal 😃
Antonio C.
Boiled eggs is my favorite go to because it's not too messy and doesn't take long. I have 3 kids so I like quick and easy breakfast meals.
Jessalynn N.
If I don’t have a lot of time I have a banana on the go. When I do I sometimes fry an egg to make a sandwich. Another good breakfast I have is oatmeal and strawberries.
Eloise N.
I love having avocado on toast with a bit of salted melted butter and some fresh tomato slices on top with a generous sprinkle of sea salt. The healthy fats and saltiness from this combination really curbs my cravings I used to get later in the afternoon. I pair this with a nice hot coffee ☕️ it’s perfect because it fits in my calorie bracket for breakfast, fuels my body, tastes great and is easy to make. Even on my darker days.