What do busy full time workers have for breakfast?

Aris X.
Bananas are energizing, light and come in natural packaging. No need to prepare anything beforehand. Add some peanutbutter for a protein boost!

Sue T.
They probably usually have a mini snack because they are in a hurry to go back to work. Things like a bar a Apple or banana, something that they can eat while they are on a run

Ariana T.
I eat apples, half a grapefruit, avocado toast, or a banana with peanut butter. Those are healthier beneficial options that are quick and simple rather than eating cereal everyday or skipping it.

Wojciech X.
Instant noodles. Though not healthy, but delicious and makes me feel warm for the whole day. (And it's fast)

Sometimes I do have toast, but they're too dry to enjoy.

Albana Q.
I buy a 12 pack of yogurt and grab one and a spoon to go! I’m a teacher, so I just throw it in my bag and eat when I get to school. It’s also nice to keep some almonds in my desk just in case I forget my yogurt or I’m still a little hungry. You can do it!

Alex W.
I don’t know. If there really busy they may have like a slice of toast, but some really care about what they eat and will make a big breakfast or smoothie.