How do you extend your breakfast time to be 15 mins?

Bradley F.
Yes that would help me assimilate nutrients. As I take best foods as breakfast, it would be great for maximum utilisation.
Hanna E.
To edit it on the app, go on your morning routine and click the 3- on the top right hand corner then chose edit and pick what habit you’d like to edit and what you want to edit which will be the time.
To extend time in real life, wake up earlier or have breakfast that can be prepared and eaten on the go such as boiled eggs (my everyday breakfast)
Jessie P.
I would usually have a hot meal, but if you wanted to extend the time to be 15 min, i would eat slower with smaller bites.
Cid Q.
I have to wake up early. But nowadays I wake up and exercise so if I’m back from the gym at 7:55 then I shower quickly and I am ready for breakfast at 8:15. I need to leave the house at 8:40 so that gives me 25 mins. I still wish I had an extra 15 mins for not having to rush.
Sara Z.
Prepare a breakfast you will really enjoy, a Nd find somewhere relaxing (and still-not a bus!) to eat it in. I find it useful to eat a snack before I leave the house, then my full breakfast at college as my bus is too early for me to feel hungry.
Miriam Z.
I'm a fan of doing other things while I get breakfast. I listen to the news on the Google App for instance but other days I start with a short TV Show. I feel less stressed in the morning when I do that but more alert, just try to not to binge anything. Don't want to get stuck. Lol.
Ella X.
I eat while looking out the window to the mountains and sky and people on the street. Watching and wondering who they are and what they will be doing with their day today.