Should I eat more protein than the others?

Izzy N.
I think that really depends on if you require that extra protein. You should check in with a doctor to see if you require any extra nutrients from your food, and that can help you take the next steps. There nothing bad about eating more protein than others even if it’s not needed for you, but do make sure you keep a balanced diet and eat other foods than just protein.
Tracy U.
I actually think it is dependent on a few other factors. Who are 'others'? Because just asking that flat out with out context is a bit of a hit and miss. what are your goals? What are your current eating habits? You might actually already be consuming more than said others. Honestly, I think that potentially reframing your question you might gain better advice.
Jazmin Y.
It depends on your health, if you are low on protein but have a everything else, but you need to balance it, but is you have a lot of protein, then it is no recommend, some ways you can know if you are low on protein is “display symptoms like weakness, fatigue, recurrent infections due to a diminished immune system, and thin, brittle hair and nails.”
Is Mira P.
That depends on what you are trying to achieve! It's always good to have protein in your diet while also maintaining a balanced diet. If you are trying to achieve muscle growth, it is definitely a good idea to have an abundant protein intake. If you eat too little protein, you'll start to lose any muscle mass that you have already built. It is still good to have a moderate amount of carbs and fats in your diet, but again, everything in moderation. If you are eating a lot of meat to increase protein intake, remember to eat lots of greens to get enough fiber to maintain healthy gut function.
Scott F.
It depends on how you feel. If you are committed to a weight loss or muscle building programme then try to add a little more protein to your diet for extra muscle mass
Sophia N.
Protein is good for the body but as we know "more is less" your body needs not only protein but also other nutrients, the best way to get your body better is balance what and when you eat
Martina N.
Proteins are one of the three essential macronutrients for our survival. They ensure the grow of tissues, allow digestion, the development of the immune system and the transport of oxygen in the blood. However, a high protein diet (exceeding 2 g of protein per kg of weight) is harmful for our body. If you're a vegetarian or vegan, don't worry: plant proteins are almost better than animal one. If you don't go to the gym every day (and your goal is not to gain mass), you shouldn't worry too much about protein counting.
Hope this helped you! Have a nice day and remember, you are gorgeous! 🙂
Asta Z.
In fact, protein has a much higher thermic effect than fat or carbs — 20–35% compared to 5–15% ( 21 ). High protein intake has been shown to significantly boost metabolism and increase the number of calories you burn. This can amount to 80–100 more calories burned each day