What’s a good compromise if you want to Eat a Great Breakfast with protein, but are more drawn to carbs and sugary cereal?

Joshua F.
I always consume protein at breakfast. but unfortunately I can't give up bread. I can say that half of my breakfast is protein and half is carbohydrate. Yes that is right..
Orhan A.
I like to have a poached egg with avocado on toast. You get protein from the egg while having a few carbs from the toast. Scrambled eggs are also good. You might not feel like it at the time but when you start to eat them they’re just what you need. It always gives me a good boost for the day 🙂
Amal C.
Desire is temporary Class is permanent. Besides feeling proud after avoiding carbs and sugar is better than the regret feeling from eating the same.
Sarah N.
Find alternatives. Fruits and yogurts can replace sugary cereals and ones like banana and strawberry are goood.. it’s only a matter of time our body gets used to it
Carsten X.
Eat both! Halve the carbs/sugary cereal and replace the other half w a protein like eggs. You can also consider making a protein shake to both get that sweetness and protein.
Martin E.
Find a granola that has protein and tastes ok and pretend it's cereal. It'll have a little less sugar and more protein (via nuts and maybe nut butters).
Taleen I.
That is a good question. I have been wondering the same thing myself.
In my opinion, if you are going to have carbs having them for your first meal is best. Carbs can help kick-start your day. Just make sure to include protein to sustain you until your next meal.
Jack R.
Find a protein you love, that is easy to add– like peanut butter or some toasted almonds– and have it with your carbs! Peanut butter is AMAZING on pancakes or waffles! Also yogurt is a great one. Have a smoothie with your cereal, or a parfait with fruit and granola.
Irmela Z.
Flour free pancakes, 3 eggs, 35g oats (blended) vanilla essence or sweetener and fry with fry light (a 1calorie cooking spray)…or if 6ou don't want oats sometimes people use a banana? The owt amount isn't much at all that's the RDA x
Cameron I.
I have a cereal that has the surgery taste you desire and it will fill you up in the morning!
Frosted Mini Wheats or Golden Crisp but if you want a full breakfast and draws to sugar you can eat French Toast Sticks, Waffles and Pancakes.
Don S.
I think I would compromise by finding a granola that isn't too high in sugar, but that still satisfies that sweet card craving, and use just a little to add some texture to yogurt. I would choose a plain Icelandic yogurt because it has more grams of protein than sugar.
Lee W.
Sometimes, I like to have Dave's killer cinnamon raisin bread with peanut butter and banana slices. It's yummy and you're getting the macronutrients your body needs!
Cecily W.
A start would be to keep some elements of what makes you happy, while trying to phase out what is unhealthy. Everything in moderation! I would say instead of the cereal, try toast, peanut butter, banana, and honey. It will simulate a sugary meal while also providing you with other nutrients. Also, incorporate eggs to your breakfast if you can! They are a great source of protein and can be made in so many different ways.
Ramya C.
Well I’d probably take some plain cereal, add some strawberries for the sugary taste, and have it with a side of sliced up apple and peanut butter! It tastes pretty good!
Alexander F.
I like to eat paleo pancakes that use almond flour and top with cashew butter and a fruit so I'm still getting protein but break up the monotony of eggs.
Emily W.
Wouldn't you rather be healthy than have sugar. I know it's yummy but you have to stay focused on health. I'm not saying that you can't have sugar at all, treat your tastebuds sometimes that's also important just don't have too much
Eli Ka E.
maybe trying some no added sugar cereals? I have those for breakfast from time to time and they are crunchy and yummy but not so sweet.
Theresa Z.
Maybe you could eat a healthy breakfast in the morning and have sugary cereal in the evening as a snack instead of sweets or junk food