I leave the house very early as I have a long commute. Is it OK to eat breakfast when I get to the office rather than at home?

Briar N.
I would say yes it is fine to eat your breakfast at your office, as long as you take the time to enjoy your breakfast rather than eating while working.
Cortney U.
Breakfast is when, where, and how you like it. I think the idea is just to start the day with a healthy portion 😊 that commute will give you plenty of time to drink water whichs is the BEST way to start!
Zarmala A.
It might be better to have something light first to sustain you through your long commute, but if you’re just not hungry, it’s better you have breakfast later than not at all.
Janet S.
I understand that sometimes our fast paced life doesn’t allow us the time that we need especially for ourselves, However breakfast is the most important meal of our day I would suggest if you can wake up a few minutes earlier to prepare your breakfast and if you can eat it on the way or even a smoothie to go works great. If that doesn’t work for you then as long as you eat breakfast when you get to work you should be good . Hope this helped !
Katie O.
I think as long as you eat, either way is fine. However, breakfast may be more satisfying if you take the time to eat it at home. It would be a more mindful experience.
Laura W.
You could make something healthy to eat on the way like homemade cereal bars or breakfast muffins. You could prepare something the night before so it's ready for you in the morning, maybe get up a little earlier. If it's easier then you could eat at work but would it be setting the right intention at your workplace?
Menna F.
If you're that busy it’s fine despite i don’t suggest that as I feel kinda uncomfortable eating at a place that is not suitable to eat at
Everett G.
It's a better action to try and have a healthy nutritious intake of food first thing….it sets you up for the day….your body has fasted and needs refuelling …not having breakfast can play havoc with blood sugar levels and might mean you eat more t lunchtime out of hunger….Food as fuel! Top up and travel on…..
Hafsa X.
yes it ok, but its better to have it at home as ull be more likely to have something healthy, just try set ur alarm earlier so u have time❤️❤️
Rozhin U.
Dear friend.It's kinda hard to answer this question.appears to me that you have to take a long commute to get to work but is there any assurance you can have breakfast there or the loads of works are waiting for you there and you will forget to have breakfast?if I were you I plan to wake up like half an hour earlier and have a full nutrient breakfast.
Kiara O.
Yeah of course if you feel like that's right for you. You could even maybe try to have a breakfast you can have on the go.
Marie G.
I work as a Pre-K teacher and during the school year it is encouraged that the teachers eat with the children. I also wanted to pick a time that could be consistent with my weekend wake up time. I feel eating at work is fine as long as you are consistent. I still eat breakfast between 8 and 8:30 no one can really say what time is best for you but you.
Malak Z.
If your job is near your house and you’re always early then sure but if it’s far from your house or your always late then maybe make your breakfast in the morning and eat it in your car 😂, just don’t get it everywhere . But I still recommend eating your breakfast at home
Anne N.
If it gives you peace of mind, yes! Absolutely yes! It’s better to feel relaxed than stressed in the morning. But keep in mind you shouldn’t forget to eat when you’re at the office! Breakfast gives you energy for the day 🙂
Caroline N.
Of course! Make your fitness and nutrition plan fit around your life. You might be stressed trying to leave the house on time so better to take your time to get ready, maybe meditate on your commute and your body will be ready for your nutritious breakfast when you arrive!
Kasper P.
No it's better to eat the breakfast at home because you will be more active all the day and on your work and you can sleep early to wake up early and eat a good breakfast full of protein before you leave home
Kenneth P.
Find what fits in your schedule. If you are running late then it will be good to eat breakfast in your office. But if you have some time to spare or woke up a bit early, then eating at home will be good. As long as you are feeding your body every morning, you are good:)
Dash X.
Yes its totally okay to eat breakfest at your office but you can at least eat something little like an apple or a orange juice before going
Hilda O.
It’s better to have breakfast when you came to office, as long it is still morning, because breakfast is the important meal of the day.
Daniel Z.
You eat before going out,because Even u reach office,u might be meet with a pile of work which will hinder u from eating.
Lisuarte Z.
It depends on how much time you have at your house in the morning!! If you have a little time then yes! But if you have a long time and you are always doing nothing in the morning before you leave then no! It also depends on how much you like to eat for breakfast! I would like you to try to have some time to eat at home but if you can’t thats fine eat at the office! But if you can I want you to try to get up 5 minutes earlier and have 5 minutes to eat breakfast so you don’t need feel like you have to eat at the office!! Thank you for asking me this important question!
Insa Z.
For my answer, I'm going to assume your commute is 30-50 mins. long. For that time, I think maybe keeping a breakfast that's easy to eat with one hand and non-perishable in your car/truck/vehicle would be best. So you can eat as soon as possible while still on time. 😊
Kirk C.
Sure why not, as soon as you get to work try and get something healthy in your system. If you are running late, please do not get a take out bagel or burger or whatever. Before you go to bed…pack yourself a healthy breakfast or lunch and put it by a place that you'll see and remember to take it with you.
Th Odore Y.
Based on previous experience and the routines of my colleagues who have to travel 1-2 hours to and fro work everyday, it's generally okay to have breakfast at the workplace. But it also depends on how long your travel time is/will be, if you are allowed to have breakfast at your workplace, and most especially, if your body and mind will be able to handle the no breakfast commute. It's a matter of being clear on the said factors, and exploring simply what works for you.