What are some other quick healthy options for a breakfast on the go?

Theresa Z.
I love warming up a dozen arepa with cheese in the toaster. The corn is a little sweet and the cheese is plain like mozzarella. Yum!
Mylan O.
Well, the thing is, is that if I don’t have my breakfast before 7 every morning, I start to feel dizzy and even faint. So a great kickstart to the day would be to drink milk ( I prefer to have turmeric as it keeps you away from any germs) and I always have ladoo made out of Fenugreek (I play professional cricket so I have to keep fit). I also recommend eating almonds (possibly not if ur allergic to nuts) and a fruit it always a necessity. Well, I hope this helps because it did really help me!
Jubeline A.
I love having a rice cake in the morning! There’s so many good flavors now. One of my favorites is the buttered popcorn flavor, it’s wonderful with some peanut butter spread on top.