What kind of food do you eat? How long usually it takes to prepare?

Alfred B.
Most of the time I'll prepare a couple of hard boiled eggs with some protein on the side (salami, cheese) and a toast with avocado/lemon. Other times I'll chop up left over veggies and put them in a frying pan with olive oil and eggs.

Uir N.
I try to eat healthy plant based foods that are hearty and well seasoned, my favorite meals are vegan and Mexican, it takes me a couple hours to cook these because I like to be mindful and joyful while I'm cooking

Rosemary Z.
I eat Indian medium spicy food. It takes me 30 mins to 60 mins to prepare each meal depending on the recipe and meal type. Lunch or dinner preparation usually takes about 1 hr

Jana T.
I recently became vegan and some days I make an exception and I'm more vegetarian. I don't eat meat or cheese or eggs at all but occassionally allow myself milk chocolate or breads cooked with real butter. I was just browsing on a great recipe website called budget bytes to get some inspiration because sometimes I get bored. I eat alot of veggies and hummus. I'm not big on the plant based meat substitutes but I love the non dairy cheeses. I really like Follow Your Heart cream cheese on bagels and Stacy's baked pitas chips. I'm a snackers as you can see. But for meals I eat alot of pasta and rice. Alot of sweet potatoes. As its winter I love hearty soups. There is such a variety out there and I long to be an adventurous eater.

Alicia U.
I normally don’t have time to eat a big breakfast so I just have to do something quick. I want as much protein as I can though, so I normally have freezer breakfast I can just warm up. For example, today I am have a breakfast bowl and it only takes me three minutes to heat up but I stay full until lunch. I hope that helps!

Ernest P.
I am trying to pick something healthy but also tasty. I could pick some kind of supergreen kale smoothie, but I know I wouldn't be looking forward to it.. it's important to pick things you love, but make sure you have plenty of protein and nutrients as well. My favourite combo is Baked beans (low sugar one) , peas, eggs (scrambled, poached, fried, boiled… I like to switch it up every day). An usually something extra like bread with ham/avo and piece of fruit. It's a lot to take, when you are not used to eat breakfast at all, but it's so tasty and filling so after day 3 you will be begging for some beans 😉

Benjamin E.
Mostly I have fruits (when I have time), a berry smoothly (when I'm in a rush), or oatmeal porridge (my comfort choice ☺️)

Ethel Q.
I usually eat a smoothie for breakfast consisting of oat milk, 1 banana, loads of blueberries, a big handful of spinach, 1 scoop plant protein (I use chocolate) and 1 tbsp flaxseed oil. Takes a total of 5 minutes to prepare – super easy!

For lunch I typically eat a sandwich that has a lot of greens and some type of plant based protein source. Or leftovers from last night’s dinner.

For dinner I typically cook and choose from an array of Indian or Thai dishes. It takes somewhere between 30 minutes to an hour depending on what I make.

Joanne P.
I work from home so I usialøy have plenty of time to fox meals and such and don't really go out to eat often. I try to focus on not eating so much processed and pre-prepared food. Crock pot meals are my go to!

L Cio Q.
Breakfast–eggs any way, I aim for Veggies and protein, also some bread.. If I want something sweet I go for yogurt with chia seeds, and fruits/protein pancakes

Snack- Veggies, Guacamole, Hummus, or some Nuts

Lunch- depends if I am home or in work, in work I usualy have some vegetable cream soup (pumpkin/cauliflower/….) or I buy a salad (Caesar..)

Dinner- that is my biggest struggle, lol…

Alex Z.
I have 2 scrambled eggs with a little cheese, oatmeal with raisins, banana and a little honey. I continue drinking water and finish my cup of coffee. It takes about 5 minutes to prepare.

Kurt F.
– Greek yoghurt, muesli, gentle fibre, honey, fresh fruit
– Roast chicken and veggies
– Chicken and salad
– Chicken stir fry
– Spaghetti bog
– Yoghurt
– Muesli bars

Caitlin A.
For breakfast it depends on how my morning looks like. If I dont have much time I usually eat overnight oats because if I run out of time I can still eat them on my way also it's a no brainer. You just mix oats with milk or yogurt and whatever you have on hand ( peanut butter, coca powder, fruits, nuts, protein powder, spices like cinnamon….) put it in a glass container with a lid and stick it in the fridge.
If I have time I usually make eggs ( mainly because I have chickens but it's also a great source of protein especially as a vegetarian) you can beat the eggs throw some veggies into it ( like spinach or tomatoes or whatever you have) add some salt and pepper ( I love mixing paprika into it ) and fry it. It doesnt take to long. You can also scramble it and have it on toast or boil it which also doesnt take very long. In weekends I like to make pancakes or French toast that does take a little bit longer but its totally worth it
I hope this was helpful 🙂

Tori S.
Lately I've been eating salads or a whole wheat turkey sandwich for lunch with a yogurt. This takes about 5 minutes to make.

Camille O.
In the mornings, I prepare an omlet and veggie plate incluede tomaties, pepper, cucumber. It takes max 10 min. For lunch and dinner, I mostly cook chicken, salmon or some grains like kidney beans, chickpeas or greenpeas. As a sidd dish, there is always salad with seasonal fresh veggies. It takes max 45 min to preprare lunch or dinner dish.

Bhavana I.
I only eat Indian food. The thali (dish) consists of high protien and high fibre food like whole wheat chapatti, green vegetables, curry, lentils and rice. I try not to eat much but I can't help myself because my mom cooks so delicious food 😋. Prep time is usually 1 hour. Search on youtube about how to make Indian food. I am sure you'll fall in love with it!

Sara N.
I try to eat a lot of veggies. Fresh ingrediënts are always better. Depending on the meal it takes about 45min to an hour to cook my Meals. Which is why I try to cook in the weekends. Meal prepping is an excellent way to cook healthy when you have little time.

Anna Y.
I eat healthy food most of the time, fish and vegetables. As I’m training regularly I use macros. Average time to cook 15 minutes

Bradley E.
oatmeal with fibre rich cereal and chia seeds mixes with mixed frozen fruit and 2% milk. and 2 cups of coffee. all that takes 5 to 6 minutes to make

Molly C.
To be so honest with u I’ve been everywhere when it comes to food lol, but I’ve been eating scramble eggs for breakfast and a salad for lunch…but I’m going to start getting back on track

Levi E.
For breakfast I like to have porridge with peanut butter and a banana to keep me going throughout the morning. It only takes about 5mins to prepare. Sometimes I like to have crumpets too which take about 10mins. Pancakes are a treat on days off which take about 30mins to prepare.

Ryan O.
I very rarely prepare time consuming meals unless it’s a holiday. I don’t want to do the shopping and commitment food prep requires as I work long hours and have little time to unwind. However if the food is there, I enjoy cooking it.

Funnily enough, the food I cook I don’t really eat. It is never that appetizing after the entire preparation.

Neha Z.
Indian food, mostly. Since indian is mostly 'cooked' food and not 'fixed' food, time commitment is about an hour a day. Why do you ask?

Sarah N.
in the morning i make myself shakes with protein powder, chia seeds, hemp seeds, a banana, a handful of spinach, almond milk and ice (liquids first solids last). for lunch i usually have a container of veggies (broccoli, baby carrots, cauliflower, and celery) with a container of fruits (kiwi, pinapple, pear, and orange cut up) and my favourite salad. and for dinner it changes all the time tonight i had a casserole (all of it is vegetarian but its a rlly flexible thing like sometimes if im on the run out the door ill have a breakfast bar instead of a shake and i usually dont finish my whole lunch)

Mila E.
I eat vegan food. Breakfast and lunch are very quick, dinner usually takes half an hour to an hour to prepare. I love to cook fresh food, and have lots of leftovers for the fridge/freezer.

Lohan Q.
These days I usually prepare porridge. I think it's a super breakfast for having enough energy and concentration until lunch. I put a half glass of water and a half glass of milk in a pot and then I boil them with a enough quantity of Avena (I think more or less 50g), just a little bit of agave syrup and a small spoon full of cocoa powder. Then when everything is done I use a banana, a spoon of soya yoghurt and nuts as topping.

Sebasti O T.
I try ti eat in a various way, changing the kind di proteins ad each mela. Unfortunatley i don’t have much time to cook and i often eat outside

Isolete A.
Fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, whole grains, soups and the like. I usually do up batches of main ingredients, then just throw something together when I eat.
Make big batch of soup and freeze in individual portions. Likewise with whole grains. Make my own flour (from groats) and bread; veggie and chicken stocks.

Yolanda U.
It`s cheese-mushroom omelete with garlick, onion, black pepper, turmeric and cilantro. It takes half an hour to prepare and eat.

Mary O.
For breakfast I usually eat a poached egg on toast with pesto. That takes about ten minutes. For lunch during the week I usually eat a chickpea salad sandwich and I make the salad on Sunday and that takes about five minutes to prepare. Dinner is usually pasta with about fifteen minutes of prep time. I’m a simple eater and my family eats different food so prep time is usually minimal.