How much do you normally eat for breakfast? Do you have special weekend breakfast that is different to the weekday one?

Debra O.
Weekdays, just some cereal or porridge. On weekends I eat protein stuff, like eggs or sausage, or sometimes fun things like pancakes.
Weekends are also when I am most likely to go out for breakfast/ brunch with friends

Gabe P.
During the weekdays, I typically cook 2-3 scrambled eggs and maybe a piece of toast to get me started. On the weekends I tend to add in more veggies, so I’ll do an omelette or a scramble with spinach, tomato, mushrooms and onion. Or, if I’m not in the mood for eggs, I’ll treat myself to weekend pancakes, sometimes with chocolate chips!

Alfredo F.
Normally on the weekend i have got time for a better breakfast. NormallyI drknk a tea and a slice of bread with fruit and a cup of coffee.

Levi J.
Idk sometimes on the weekends I bear more towards ceareal and sometimes I make myself a special breakfast sandwich whereas on weekdays eggs on avacado toast, bagels, fruits, nuts, yogurt and fruit bowls, and stuff like that are usually my go to!

Darlene A.
during the week it’s smaller since i get up early and workout so simple sugars and carbs are great. since i rest on the weekends or work, i’ll have a smoothie because i love them a lot.

Olga Z.
It depends, now that is really hot weather I tend to eat less than average. Maybe a banana and a glass of water or tea. Or some toasts with tomato and oil but I tend to change every day!

Natalie M.
Normally I eat Pumpernickel and Cheese, sometimes I just eat Fruit and vegetables, or Quark and Berries. I switch it up, but I try to get as much fiber and protein as possible. I do not have a special weekend breakfast.

Tuana F.
I don't eat much because most of the time I'm not hungry in the mornings. Weekend breakfasts are usually better cause I feel better so I put more work into my breakfast or my family makes it.

Marc J.
I normally eat 3 things for breakfast like for example scrambled eggs with spinach and yougurt, but it honestly depends how hungry you feel. Now if you want to change the way you eat breakfast on weekends/weekdays then that's totally up to you. I for one don't do it because I enjoy keeping at least two or 3 things on my plate.

Anna C.
I try to always eat a protein or fibre filled breakfast (bowl of oats with fruit or eggs and avocado with wholemeal toast) as it keeps me full longer and sustains my energy throughout the morning. I don't usually have a special breakfast in the weekend unless for a special occasion e.g. Birthdays. However, there are random days where I crave a not so healthy, protein / fibre filled breakfast and I allow myself to indulge. I try to eat intuitively so whenever my body craves something different for breakfast I detour from my usual breakfast for the day.

Abby R.
I never skip breakfast unless I accidentally woke up early. Sometimes I eat when I’m not even hungry, but that was when I was waking up at 6. My parent always make sure I eat something so I can’t not eat even if I want to.
My breakfast differs every week unless I find something I really like then maybe I’ll have it twice. But here are some example: bread and peanut butter, smoothies, parfait, eggs, avocado toast, jam and bread, and somethings my mom makes an Ethiopian dish for breakfast (which is usually something spicy).

Denny X.
On weekdays I have a light breakfast such as toast or a fruit smoothies but on weekends I would have breakfast together with my family and we usually eat on a larger or more special meal than the usual.