I always need extra energy because my days of work are from 9am-9pm. Needing good energy in the morning. Any good suggestions for a energy start breakfast?

Jamie A.
Nuts are really helpful. If you don't like nuts, banana is good as well. If you are a coffee addict, coffee might help you too. But it's better if you avoid coffee or things like that because in long term it can have a bad impact on your memory.

Camila P.
Green smoothie with alternative milk, spinach, flax and chia seeds, banana, scoop of collagen protein and half avocado. Lots of protein and fiber, plus veggies!

Erin B.
I haven't experimented with many different foods yet, but two boiled eggs and some smoked samon is my favourite so far. And one banana running out the door.

Hanna U.
I would definitely think about making sure you have enough protein in your breakfast, that helps a lot with energy. Also, don’t over do the carbs because that can lead you to have an energy crash later.

Elzbieta T.
Hey there! The most important thing is that you find something you like! Personally I eat oatmeal with fresh fruit in it, no added sugar. What I like about it is that it's so versatile! Add peanut butter, raisins, fruit, nuts, frozen berries or whatever else you like and it'll taste different every day! <3

Heather J.
My days are the same. I like to do unsweetened soy milk with cereal, which often has granola and nuts in it to help keep me full. On days I'm in a rush, I have multiple bars stashed in my bag for either breakfast or a between-meal hefty snack. I like those two because it's effective, cheap, and low-maintenance. Toast with nut butter and fruit is also good. I'd suggest a complex carb paired with a protein (like egg) and a veggie or fruit, so you can have the essential nourishment from the fruit/veggie, and fullness and slow, steady energy release from the protein and especially the complex carb. Think avocado toast with egg, oatmeal with flaxseed and fruit, or banana pancakes made with coconut or oat flour.

Gero F.
My suggestion is definitely muesli (oat meal mixed with dried fruits), an egg, honey, wholegrain bread and multivitamins 🙂

Deborah J.
I usually start my days off with two pieces of toasted seeded multigrain bread. I spread half an avocado and a little bit of hummus over the toast. Then I cover that with a couple spinach leaves and top it off with a sunny side up egg on each slice. YUM! Accompanying this is a cup of orange juice with two tablespoons of raw oatmeal, one scoop of chia seeds and a couple drops of raw honey. Gives me a great jumpstart to my day!

Kristin L.
You can have scrambled eggs with some dark wholegrain bread, green leaves and a coffee. Make sure to remember about eating lunch and dinner too!

Philip C.
I always feel better with a good blend of protein and complex carbs first thing- my favorite is a scrambled egg with cheese on a whole wheat tortilla, maybe add spinach or broccoli to round it out. I feel better and have a lot more energy all day. Also, drink plenty of water!

Patsy Y.
It’s best to ensure you are going to bed at a good time, also along with your breakfast you want to make sure you try and take vitamins. They are a good source to provide what you are missing.

Nikolaj C.
I personally do a big bowl and I put on it vegan yogurt (with no added sugar) a fruit like pomegranate, banana, kiwi and whatever I want and some cereals or muesli. I also add some almonds, or nuts and seeds, like chia. I often add some cocoa.

Philip E.
I find that having a big breakfast really helps to energise me in the morning. It's not just the amount of food, but the fact that I wake up every morning looking forward to the meal I'm about to have.

Elmer N.
Oatmeal, with whatever you like, but include protein. For example, protein powder, chia seeds, Greek yogurt, dried fruit, a little butter. But fine steel cut oats, add hot water, two to one ratio by volume, hear in microwave on defost or very low power for about five minutes.

Angelica Q.
I like making steel cut oats the night before and warming them up in the morning. It’s super quick and tasty and keeps me full all day. I use steel cut oats, coconut or almond milk, dash of vanilla, a little honey, cinnamon and chia seeds. I like to add berries too for sweetness. Super tasty and healthy too!

Alison E.
U can first meditate and then have 2 glass of water and then after few minutes have some almonds nuts in ur breakfast

Brittany J.
Tons of brain food: coffee with ghee and coconut oil, seeds nuts and berries. Look up "bulletproof coffee". Lots of healthy fats and water with some exercise. I have nearly the same schedule and this

Gene P.
When I have to stay in school till afternoon (8am-16pm) I mix food that "kicks in" soon, so that I'm energized right away, and food that fills me for a long time but doesn't weigh me down, so that I'm energized for the whole day. The first one is usually fresh seasonal fruit, when I'm in a hurry nuts or dried fruit (like apricots and plumes); the second one is usually eggs (boiled, fried, in frittata), Greek yogurt (maybe with a bit of jam) or milk.

August U.
Gosh those are long hours. Start with some protein like eggs or meat if possible. Then Throughout the day, instead of a few large meals, snack on a few nuts or a bit more protein in between to help keep up the energy levels. Good luck!

Lucas I.
On days like that I strive for power packed protein such as eggs or peanut butter toast or mixed nuts with my meal. I then strive to cart an equally balanced snack as a pick me up for when I need it later in the day

Filippa X.
Maybe you should consider meal preparation. Because, of course, breakfast is important, but being at work half of the day implies a lot temptations and stress. Even though you start energetic with a good breakfast, you might fall into some traps later. My suggestion is eating cereal and fruit in the morning and adding in protein as you go further jn the day.

Benjamin U.
Oats, or eggs, or all bran with yoghurt and raisins, you can also try to have 6 meals a day, just split your 3 meals into 6 portions.

Allison A.
I think it’s better to start your day with protein. Eggs, avocado and some bacon usually keep me energetic and helps me to avoid snacking until I’m hungry again. There are so many easy ways to prep eggs if you are pressed for time. Hard boiled and frittata’s are some suggestions.

Paulo E.
My go to ‘long day’ breakfast is just classic wheatabix and banana with some almond milk instead of cows milk. My usual breakfast is just fruit and yoghurt: packed full of sugars to burn throughout the day

Cl O T.
I can understand your long workday! Mine is from 6am to 5pm; and I'm a nanny to young children, so I need my energy!! I have the best luck with energy if I start my morning right away with a combination of healthy fats, whole grains (complex carbohydrates), protein, and natural sugars. While I get ready in the morning I'll eat a handful of walnuts and a handful of raisins. I'll have lots of milk with my tea or coffee. If I'm on the run, I'll grab whole-grain toast and hard-boiled eggs (I boil them up on my day off to have enough for the next 3 days). Sometimes, the night before a workday, I'll set up a NutriBullet cup with water, rolled oats, fresh fruit, and Greek yogurt (honey if necessary for sweetness). Then, I'll blend it up in the morning and drink it on the go. The most important thing is to get that combo of healthy fats (nuts), whole grains, fruit, and protein first thing in the morning. Then, with a quick snack like a banana in mid-morning, I have enough energy til lunch!

Kristin S.
Anything with a banana I've found is really energizing. I once did a test to see if I could spend a month eating the recommended portion of cereal and still have enough energy. So a measly 30g of bran flakes or those bite-sized shredded wheat every morning. I added a banana to it and was full and awake every morning from 9 until about 1ish.

Shawn C.
I generally find I stay fuller and have more energy when I eat oats in the morning. When I. Work 12. 5 hour days, I work 7-7.30. So I have breakfast at 5.45 at home, then breakfast break around 10.30/11 when I have toast and a bannan and that usually lasts me till. My. Lunch break at 2.30. I tend to find that it's good. On a long day to eat at regular intervals to. Make. Sure you get through the day without being hungry.

Jesus T.
For a quick breakfast that provides a lot of energy, I like a whole wheat wrap with a peanut butter, honey, and protein powder mix and a banana in the middle. If you have a little more time, egg and avocado on wheat toast or a wrap are good. If you're more into carbs, maybe oats cooked in a water + peanut butter powder mixture.

Jocelino Z.
Firstly, oxygen. I get my exercise hit first thing in the morning (5:30am). That surprisingly sets me up for the day. So long as I can get 6-8 hours sleep I’m fine.

Secondly my breakfast is Greek yoghurt with fresh blueberries, strawberries, granola, squeeze of lime juice and a bit of almond milk. Together, that sets me up for the day.

Howard F.
Yes, whole grain cereals like bread and oat meal. Some dry fruit like pecans, almonds and others and about fruit the banana isthe best for energized at morning and the apple too