Planning takes a lot of energy for me when it comes to cooking. Therefore, I tend to eat the same thing over and over. However, sometimes I don’t feel like eating it a particular day and I stand without an alternative. Any strategies to cope with this?

Nino Q.
What I’ve seen my mom do (and I’m yet to do fully tbh) is to dedicate a day or a portion of a day to cook different meals for the week. Yes it will take a big while, so preferably do it on weekends, but It will give you a lot of free time on week days. You won’t have to do much other than to heat it up and clean afterwards. No thinking or cooking (you already did those!).

Rosa C.
I also tend to eat the same thing over and over. So what i have recently done is to look for youtube videos on foods (typically home cooks) that i would like to try. This way i feel more inspired to try new things or just to put a spin on some of the things i already eat regularly. I tend to look for shorter videos so that i am not put off or discouraged. With that said, i will ocassionally watch one particular video more than once just so that i familiarize myself with the process. Then i make a list on what ingredients i may be missing and i go from there. Start off simple and maybe one a week and dont put too much pressure on yourself. Cooking can be fun and fulfilling. You can also try a side dish or a complimentary food for your main dish instead of a main course. That way you are more inspired to keep trying more things. Good luck!

Rima E.
For me, I keep learning new “fast” recipes to keep it up,
For example, egg dishes are always fast and simple, stalk on eggs and remember to buy bread before you go to sleep, also there is oatmeal! Cooked or overnight it’s so fast and very delicious, yogurt parfait is also nice, (only if you have fruits that day of course), protein bars, ready made sandwiches, or an apple, orange, or banana.
Oh also banana pancakes are quick too!
So in conclusion, just keep learning fast recipes.

Gilca Z.
I would suggest that whenever you cook, batch cook extra and freeze portions. That will mean tgat you will have a selection of different meals ready to defrost and, when you are not in the mood for one can defrost another. Hope this helps?

Courtney E.
Have alternate plans. Create different meal plans to turn to when the first one isn’t what you fancy. There are so many healthy and nutritious meals you can make that will fuel your day. Or if you need to treat yourself- splash out and buy a meal that you wouldn’t usually for a treat and spontaneity.

Caleb J.
Make it fun! Perhaps purchase a cook book that interests you and choose 1 new recipe a week to try. I find myself lately needing to have lighter snacks on hand for when I feel no appetite. Nuts, cheese, crackers and yogurts are my go tos. Meal prep is also something worth looking into.

Ava E.
Take some time each day to google or think of small recipies you could always have – such as just microwaving a bowl of ramen, cutting up a fruit, placing ingredients on a soft tortilla. You can then always reference back that list when you want some thing different!

Erick J.
I definitely see this happening sometimes, but the way I see it is as a means to an end. Sure eating the same thing can be boring sometimes, but if there's no alternative look at it as another step towards being the you you want to be and eat that same thing before breaking your goal. That or find a recipe online to change up your usual meal even slightly. That can always help make the same meal a little different.

Maia P.
Pick a day in the month to dedicate to your nutrition. Buy vegetables, fruits and proteins you can pre-elaborate and store in tiny portions in your freezer. When you have no energy you can pick some packages from there and mix them up in a salad bowl, oven prep or a casserole 🙂

Ronja J.
I am no different than you when it comes to cooking. I wake up in the morning, head to kitchen and for ten minutes I wonder what I should eat for breakfast today.

Pantea Q.
Get some healthy, yummy food ready at hand. Something that you know you would enjoy. It doesn't really have to me cooked and it doesn't need to take so much time. It can be as simple as chopping some carrots and bell peppers and season them well with lime juice and salt. Do it in batches and you have perfect side kicks for any sandwich. Batch making food on weekends is super helpful!

Edward X.
Always have a backup food. Mine is eggs with bacon, sinds it's quick and easy to make and I like to eat it. So make sure you always have some food that you like that is quick and easy in stock, for those days where you don't feel like eating your other meal. Good luck! 🙂

Lexi U.
I have looked into meal kits that get shipped to my door. I personally use EveryPlate because the quality of ingredients was on par to that of HelloFresh and it was cheaper. I tend to be very busy in the evening and I work out a lot so on days I do workout I am just snacking throughout the day without a meal for dinner. This has helped me feel good about a variety of food to eat on days when I’m not so busy.