Do you have great make-ahead breakfasts?

Stanislaus E.
Overnight oats, chia pudding, fruit salads with some lemon on it, cereal bowls you just have to pour the milk into, breakfast muffins…
Kristina Q.
No, I usually go for simple things that take little to no time to prepare like a bowl of cereal or yogurt. I usually start the day light and simple so eating doesn't feel like a task.
Rana U.
Protein-shake: soak the nuts and dry fruits the night before so you can just run them with milk in a mixee. You can have this with a fruit of your choice.
Hildburg M.
Yes I do because I like to make my breakfasts that keep well in a fridge the night before and then make whatever doesn’t keep well fresh the next morning. This helps me cut time and make sure I enjoy the food I’m eating.
Deanna Z.
I do not have make ahead breakfasts. My go too is a smooth, with some toast and yogurt with granola. If I have time I like to make a full breakfast (mostly on weekends) with bacon, eggs, toast, hash browns with red pepper and green onion and sausage links. I have tried making egg bakes with red pepper and green onion and they were super tasty and easy to make. They can also be frozen so those are good breakfast preps.
Joris S.
No, I usually don’t feel like eating and sometimes feel sick if I force myself to eat breakfast so I try and just eat whatever I feel like I can stomach (sometimes apples, nuts, oats, Westbury or just some milo)
Anna N.
Overnight oatmeal is working really well for me – for the first time ever I'm not feeling hungry too early. Recipe is super simple, you'll find it easily online.
Itzcalli I.
Yeah I usually get oatmeal, it’s very easy to do as well as nutritious! You can make it one night before, wait till it cools down and put it in the fridge, next day it’s ready to be served, and you can top with with apples or berries, or your favorite topping!