How long after we do our exercise is recommended for us to eat. Some of us like to sip on tea first.

Gg N.
Honestly, at any point after. It depends on the person and if you are hungry or not. Some people feel hungrier after exercise and others can’t even think about food or they feel nauseous. Having said that, personally I think 30 minutes after exercise is a good time to eat but it’s really up to you.
Sarafina O.
After we do our exercise it's better first to keep our body hydrated first(drink alot of water) because while exercising we loose alot of water.
After having some water you can take some fruits like bananas it will boost some energy in your body and after one hour I think it's the better time to eat(having a meal).
Luca O.
In my experience, it’s fine to eat after your cool down. The best thing you can do is have a protein and a simple carb. For example, 2 boiled eggs and a piece do fruit. Personally, I have a chocolate protein shake with fruit and almond milk to help me recover, right after my workouts. If you subscribe to a health fitness company, and they have an after workout or recovery option, I suggest that as it will have the perfect balance for you.
Herman T.
I'm no so sure but I like to eat something that energizes me before workout like protein bar. After exercise I like to wait a little before I eat my breakfast – usually around 10 minutes. But I'm not a proffesional
Villads A.
I got up at 5 a.m. I played on the phone until 6 a.m. Unfortunately, that’s bad. Then I did 28 minutes of Chloe ting exercise and had breakfast at 6:30