If you’re going to be late to school what can you eat for breakfast to feel energized while still hurrying through your routine?

H Lo Se Q.
Personally, I like to have protein powder in milk or some other quick drink and then some fruit if I'm really in a rush. The protein drink is a more convenient way to feel full with your breakfast, and a fruit – especially citrus, like an orange – can help wake you up.
If you are big on eating food, instead of the drink you could put bread or a bagel in the toaster, finish up something while you wait, and add some peanut butter and banana. Still filling, but it's a breakfast you chew.
Dawn Z.
You can grab a handful of nuts and a banana or dried fruit on the way out the door and always keep a bottle of water with you to stay hydrated. Being dehydrated can make you feel tired.
Adam A.
Protein!! Anything that contains protein or fibre can keep you pretty full the whole day. Avocado toast, jackfruit, bacon and eggs or anything as simple as an apple and some peanut butter.

Hope this helps you!!!