Is a cabbage dish a good breakfast?

Cindy Y.
Possibly. If you incorporate protein and other sources of nutrition, then yes. If you’re only going to eat a plate of cabbage with ranch on the side, please don’t .

Andrea Y.
It depends. I don’t know much about cabbage, but if you plan to have kimchi I think it is a good breakfast because the fermentation is really good for your stomach health!

Matthieu F.
No, not in my books. I don’t feel like a cabbage dish would be a good breakfast. I’d rather go off protein and eat some eggs and a side of a cup of milk.

Abigail T.
It can be! It depends on what’s in it and how long it takes to make it. If you don’t have enough time, then maybe try to do something quick and easy instead. Cabbage is ok as long as it’s paired with some other healthy items and not drowning in ranch or something unhealthy like that.

Manal N.
No, eating cabbage in the morning might seem healthy but it isn’t good for your stomach to have something very different to your usual meal.

Julie S.
i mean it really depends on what you put in it. for example you could make an egg wrap thing where you get a wrap cook the egg on one side and then put fillings like cabbage and then wrap it up and eat it

Lisa Q.
Yes because cabbage is very hearty. You can also mix other vegetables and optional meats in with cabbage to make a nice medley that will leave you full for hours.

Amber P.
Depending on the ingredients (don't think lots of cheese is the best idea) I would say yes. Also you have to see how your stomach feels afterwards

Raqia M.
Hi. Good breakfast is the one that makes u feel doesn't matter what is on ur dish the thing that matters is does ur dish makes u feel energized.And while ur eating just focus on ur breakfast and u will experience amazing taste:)
Have a life full of light*

Aymeric O.
It depends whether the dish contains all necessary carbs and protein. I prefer a heavy carb breakfast (such as oats), because it gives energy throughout the morning.