What if you’re not hungry?

Yolanda U.
If you're not used to eating in the morning and want to get into the habit of having breakfast, start small. Try a small yogurt or piece of fruit until you can get into the habit and can eat more
Nero Q.
Me to Sometimes I didn't feel hunger at all but I try to eat even a slice of apple and that's work sometime you can do it it's so easy then you think.
Martim C.
The point of food is to provide fuel for your body. Even if you’re not hungry you should still eat something small like a protein bar. The body is like a car if the car is running low on gas or gas no gas it will underperform. Same goes for the body. You have to train yourself to eat because your body needs it even if you don’t particularly want it.
Get Lio A.
The goal is to eat at scheduled times before you are hungry. Waiting until you are hungry can increase your chance of both binge eating and eating foods you are trying to avoid.
Howard U.
Try having your breakfast later. You decide when the first meal of the day is. So long as it's hearty and healthy it doesn't matter when you eat it! Maybe it's your chronotype as well. Look on TED for talks about sleep chronotype if you're interested.
Jeppe P.
If you're not hungry, start small! Try a smoothie or a handheld of strawberries. Eventually your body will get used to it and you will
feel much more energised in the morning after a full healthy breakfast 🙂
Julie U.
Eat anyway. Spread out a few small healthy meals than trying to eat a whole big meal. Even if you’re not consciously hungry, your body still needs sustenance to survive and operate at max capacity. You don’t have to gorge yourself with food, but eat little nibbles throughout the day to keep a constant source of energy going.
Silje Y.
Building habbits is a matter of action. You don't have to be hungry to make a habbit of having breakfast. Actually, you probably won't be. But it is important yo take action every morning. Try having a small snack. A cracker or a nut mix. Yoir body will adapt soon 🙂
Josefine B.
Have an orange juice or a smoothie and eat some nuts. Figure out the minimum of energy you need to provide to your body in the morning to have a great start – even if you are not hungry.
Alyssa Z.
I often feel even if I dont think I'm hungry, I get hungry as soon as I leave the house if I dont eat breakfast. Sometimes I opt for a smoothie if I dont feel hungry. But it is important that it is nutrient packed – putting oats in for protein is great!
Emmy Y.
I will normally juggle the routine around. Maybe go for a walk, do something active, even just a little housework.
If sll else fails, a piece of fruit or some raisins. Something to kick-start the day.
Daisy T.
If you are not hungry try eating a very small breakfast like an apple 🍎 for example and while doing this on a daily basis you would get used to it and feel more hungry in the morning ☀️
Ana C.
I try to make something light if I don’t feel hungry (like a smoothie), or if it’s a gym day I look to make something more substantial and eat it over the morning
Erdal Z.
If you're not hungry in the morning, I would recommend doing lots of physical exercises untill you get a bit hungry, if you're still not hungry, you need to take your time and notice when your body needs energy if it does go eat
Lo C O.
Teaching your body to know when it's time for food is part of the challenge. Start small with something like an apple or a yoghurt. Build it up until you can manage a full meal as necessary. Remember small frequent meals are better anyway, so even spreading a breakfast out across the morning is good. Maybe an apple before.tou leave for work, a yoghurt at your desk, a cereal bar for eleven ses. Your body should start relaying hunger signals in the morning if you get into the routine because it realises not eating for 8+ hours means it be hunger time!
Wera E.
You couldn't recognize your hunger when you are interested in some activities so much, that's why you have to eat regularly
Laura C.
You can try getting something small to eat. It does not have to be a full breakfast. Personally, I have the tendency not to be hungry in the mornings. However I know that after 12 hours or more of not eating anything, my body needs some fuel, even if it's not feeling hungry. Usually for me, once I start to eat I notice the hunger. Also I've noticed that I'm functioning much better (energy wise and my brain too) after making it a point to eat breakfast earlier in the morning as opposed to waiting until later.
Tristan Z.
For breakfast, I try to have it within a max of 3 hours after I wake up. If I am not hungry, I use the time to make my bed, take a shower and do some house chores, by then I am hungry for my breakfast 🙂
Gerhild Z.
If you are geniuely not hungry, don't eat. But keep a snack handy. If you let yourself get too hungry that's when I find temptation for junk sets in. Sometimes I have a healthy snack for the sake of it just to make sure I don't end up hungry later.
Josefine W.
I stop and think. Have I had enough water to drink today? When did I last eat? And how big was my last meal?
Then I have some water and maybe a protein bar.
Hector A.
If you wanna gain weight and you’re not hungry you should force yourself to eat and little by little you get used to it.
Ellie S.
You should still try to eat something. It can be a very small thing, like a handful of nuts. This will keep you satiated for some time and you’ll have more energy.
Ross P.
If I am not hungry I would eat something light and refreshing like salad or fruit. If you need carbohydrates – rice waffle with some nice topping of your choice. The body needs regular nurishment – especially in the morning after hours of sleep.