What do you find the best go-to when you just don’t feel hungry for breakfast?

Wayne Z.
A protein shake is always a good option that will give you energy without feeling too full. Vegetable juices are also a good option to help increase hydration and boost your digestion (try celery with watermelon, yummy!)
Marie Z.
Bullet proof coffee! Plenty of good fat to keep you going and takes no time to fix. It usually lasts me until after lunch if I am so inclined. Not too
Same U.
Ack isn’t that the worst?! One thing that has worked for me is keeping a variety of good food around that can work at anytime of day. Eggs, fruit, good grainy bread, yummy jams, nut butters are all kind of go to’s. Eggs are a great blank slate for a savory breakfast. Sometimes I’ll make huervos rancheros, or I might put a chimichurri sauce on top. Sometimes a green smoothie with all the things blended in works great. Drink and go! Good luck!
Bia Q.
I always turn to fruit. Not only because it is good for me but also because when I am not hungry it looks smaller and tends to not look fufilling, but it actually is! Also remember as well to remind yourself that you must eat something in order to function. Even if it is something small.
Sara N.
If you’re less of a sweet person, avocado with tomato on toast (with a little garlic salt) is my favorite! If you are a sweet person, dipping
Ida Z.
I usually drink a meal replacement shake when I'm not too hungry for breakfast. I get ones that dont have sugar in them or if I can do by a smoothie shop, I'll get one and request a protein powder put in.
Dirk F.
When I eat too quickly after getting up sometimes it makes my stomach hurt or make me feel nauseous, so I personally like to take all my breakfasts to go and eat them about an hour after getting up. For me it's once I've gotten to work (waking up to where I have an hour to wait and be at liesure before leaving is not feasible with my personal schedule) and then I eat while reading the morning reports kinda like when I'm on the weekend and reading the paper or a magazine while eating breakfast.
I really like soft boiled eggs, oatmeal, fruit, quiche, ect. Anything really that packs well and can be a good option. I do try to do a little bit better than a granola bar or a tablespoon of peanut butter.
Adam C.
First, something to drink and wait a while if my appetite will wake up for something larger, then normal breakfast. If still not hungry, a piece of fruit
Noah C.
When I don't feel hunry for breakfast right away, I usually drink a cup of tea or coffee. That usually gets things moving and I can eat a small bowl of eggs or oatmeal after that.
Elizabeth O.
I was never a breakfast person, the time to make breakfast and figuring out what I’d like in the morning was always a pressure that made me just want to skip breakfast all together.

What ended up working for me was just making scrambled eggs every morning. It’s cheap and very quick to make, less than 10 minutes all together and you can do it while you get dressed or do morning stretches or any part of your morning routine to save time.

The salt, pepper, and butter seasoning option is my go to for the eggs. I started out as a no-breakfast person, and after getting used to this habit I wake up craving the eggs lol.

Above all the eggs are healthy and provide a great source of protein to keep you energized till lunch. Much better than sugary cereal or granola bars.

R Mi T.
I lost 4kg ,I always had to eat a lot of food as a breakfast bur now I can eat some fresh fruit or vegetables with an egg and tea without sugar only I love fabulous
Timmothy E.
I usually go for a smoothie that’s premade & ready to drink instead of an actual breakfast. It fills me up & I don’t feel bloated or hungry.
Gary G.
I am someone who gets sick if I eat first thing in the morning and I'm never hungry to begin with. So I usual try to avoid heavy foods. Most days I have a light smoothie. I also do something else while I eat that way I dont even think about drinking/eating and I'm done before I know it.
Samira Q.
Most times I'll grab a banana or a slice of wheat bread with peanut butter but I try my best to have plain oatmeal with flaxseeds. Hope this helps and don't give up😀
Antoine Z.
I generally feel hungry every morning and have a good breakfast but if I ever have a morning that I don’t feel hungry I would pick a banana and some yogurt maybe some cinnamon on top
Haroldo Q.
I find I'm almost always hungry in the mornings. If I'm not hungry when I wake up, by the time I have made some breakfast I am ready to eat. I also usually workout in the mornings, which reallyhelps my appetite. If you have time it's a great why to start your day.
Generally I like to have oatmeal or eggs in the morning, but if my stomach is really feeling off I'll have a spoonful of peanut butter, or grab an apple or granola bar to eat if I get hungry.
Lucy E.
I'm rarely hungry in the morning either, kick starting your metabolism is key, 500ml of ice water and two tablespoons of good quality peanut butter within 30mins of waking up helps!
Marcia P.
Whenever I think I’ll feel better off without breakfast, I make my coffee (or tea which perhaps is the better option) and seeing as I always need a teaspoon, I also grab a small yogurt. I do this because the teaspoon can be used for the coffee and the yogurt so there’s less dishes, and also I feel yogurts can be quite light but they’re still nutritional if you pick the right one. I definitely am no health-nut, but my fridge is stocked with siggi and skyr yogurts which have high protein values. Normally after eating a yogurt, I might feel hungrier and have some toast with banana on it. I always make sure to eat breakfast, and eating the yogurt while the I’m waiting for the coffee is always practical too!
Vivan P.
A banana and then once I’ve eaten that I’m usually satisfied and can snack on nuts and dried/ fresh fruit.

Sometimes I will put peanut butter on my banana too 😉

Maja F.
Fruits. Sometimes, I cut some fruits, apple or kiwifruit in dice shape, then freeze them. In the morning, I put them in the bender then go~ The bottle itself is part of the blender, so it's really convenient. And drinking is easier than consume solid food.
Yolanda U.
I love yogurt and granola it is comfort and health. Drinking water decreases my appetite, so eating grapes or imitation crab (fish) is also a easy start. Peel a pre boiled egg. Planning ahead helps. Think protein and no one said traditional is necessary. A fruit and protein of your choosing. Just pick a snack you use and start with it. Foods with more water content keep you full longer and faster. Add protein and you keep your hormones busy longer.
Caitlin F.
I have been drinking a muscle milk for breakfast on the way to work. It’s fast and convenient and easy to digest as I’m not used to eating in the morning.
Emma W.
When I’m not hungry, I usually just try to eat something quick so I can get on with my day. I like to have fruit or low-fat yogurt, something that’s ready for me to eat and still light.
Claudia F.
Tough question since in never not hungry but I would say light exercises to feel get things going. Then I'm hungry. But if even that doesn't work I would say a few blueberries with some low sugar yogurt or a spoon full of peanut better. Yum! You don't need to by hungry for peanut butter!
Clayton N.
I’m always hungry in the mornings. But for instance this morning I had just a few strawberries and blueberries. Sitting still with them beside me, I could eat them slowly. By doing that, I gradually built up my appetite and I didn’t even pay attention to how many I may have eaten

Yesterday I had some nuts and fruit. They’re very easy to eat more of, and a resealable bag lets me carry them with me when I leave the house

Diane F.
The truth is I'm just pretty hungry in the morning always 😁 but I guess if you're not hungry you can just eat something smaller than usual
Clara W.
I find making overnight oats in the refrigerator to be the quickest, healthiest breakfast during the week. Layer rolled oats, almond or soy milk, chia seeds, and seasonal fruit in a jar and it’s ready in the morning.
Joselino C.
My diet makes it so I can't eat breakfast but I pack as much protein into my first meal as I have in my kitchen. I feel as though that this makes up for not having breakfast as well as the fact that I also eat two dinners everyday.
Yara S.
I like peanut butter RXBARs, which provide nutrients with simple ingredients. They’re very small which makes it a perfect choice for a morning that you’re not hungry. Fruit, like a banana, is also a healthy option.
Leah U.
A pack of healthy crackers. You don't need to finish all at once. And they will be as good as newly opened package when you eat the rest later
Lila Z.
When I dont feel like eating a decent sized breakfast, I like going for a banana or one slice of whole grain bread toasted with about one tablespoon of peanut butter or any nut butter.
Frederik Z.
If you are not hungry then don’t eat. But bring something quick for later. This will help you avoid mind sabotage where you are not hungry now but are hungry as soon as you are within 5 feet of donuts.
Burckhard E.
A spoonful of Natural Peanut butter (just peanuts and nothing else. Other nut butters will work too), I find, gives me enough energy and protein to take me to lunch.
I always make sure that I have something to eat within the first hour of waking up to help kick start my day.
Allan U.
When I don’t feel hungry for breakfast, I definitely don’t want to do a cook up or do something complicated. One easy option is go to a cafe and grab something takeaway like a pastry.
But my favourite is to keep a loaf of awesome bread from the local bakery in the freezer, already sliced, so I can quickly grab 2 slices, throw it in the toaster, throw in the peanut butter and then slice up a banana to have with it.
Giovani F.
Just want to be present; try to enjoy life, but somehow I lost myself and now I try to find what mistakes I made and to find a way to be old happy, positive me.