What other ideas of a quick healthy breakfasts do you have?

Carrie S.
im not really sure for as i don’t usually eat breakfast which i know is not a good thing but i just dont have the motivation to

Retash C.
Boil 2 eggs, butter 2 slices of bread, if the egg is soft boiled, cut one slice of bread in half and cut each of the halves into little rectangles, this goes great with a smoothie or a cup of tea, another idea is porridge with vanilla flavoured soya milk, or scrambled eggs on toast is nice, or beans on toast is good too, if you want a smoothie, do 100 ml of milk, 100g of yoghurt and 120 to 150 grams of frozen fruit and blend it, I personally use onkens papaya, passion fruit and mango yoghurt, regular milk or alpro vanilla milk and frozen mixed berries or pineapple, with some chia seeds

Retash C.
Well there’s smoothies prepared the night before that are healthy and tasty but a simple cheese sandwich could be also a great breakfast.