How much breakfast should I eat?

Ian A.
I usually try to keep a nice balance of breakfast, think of it like pieces of a puzzle. Maybe i’ll eat some fruit with some eggs on the side. 🙂
Terry X.
For breakfast, I usually eat 2 slices of whole wheat bread with blackberry marmalade and unsalter butter. Sometimes, I just simply make scrambled eggs and drink fresh milk.
Doreen X.
It is not the amount that is important. Your breakfast should be nutritious and diverse. Eat with conscious, take your time and watch how you feel. If you feel full, do not eat more and if you still feel hungry, add another fruit or some veg. Also, if it’s hard for you to eat anything in the morning, some fruit or vegetable is enough in the beginning. Keep adding healthy food (oatmeal, whole wheat bread, quinoa, flax seeds, chia seeds, nuts, nut milk) day by day! You got this 💪🏼!
Izaan N.
We have a very profound saying for this ,"eat breakfast like a King!"
If you wake up early and had a walk or something you will definitely be hungry.
So eat till your tummy is full and your mood is Set to go for the day.
Devika F.
Actully there is no quantity to eat breakfast u can eat it as ur mood is ….and I will eat corn flex when my mood is sleepy and a large breakfast when I am fresh feel
Divyansh F.
You should eat approx 400-900 calories in your breakfast. It has approx 20-40percent protein, 40-60percent carbohydrates and 20-30 percent fats. Carbohydrates and fats help to energize body and protein helps to gain muscles and a accurate should have oatmeal, peanut butter toast, red beans and some vegetable .they are high in then we should not forgot to have right content of vitamin and minerals. Vegetable are a good source of then. We should have a handful of edible seeds almonds, cashews,walnuts. They are high in them
Domna M.
I usually eat something energy giving, but less that what I want to eat. I am doing this because I get sleepy when I eat more that what I need. For example, 3 big spoons of yogurt with nuts and Quaker would be enough for me. I accompany this with coffee or black tea
Tracey Q.
You should eat till your close to full not totally full and don't drink coffe during breakfast so that you can get all the vitamins needed for your body you can have a cup of tea to make you feel lighter and more comfortable with your stomach good luck
Scar A.
You should eat enough to give yourself energy to face the day (or at least the morning). If you have a busy morning be sure to have some carbohydrates and proteins. Maybe a toast and an egg with some coffee or tea will do!
L Dia F.
Eat like a Queen. Choose heartily breakfast that set you in a good mood for the day. Better to have fruits and a warm drink. Less oil
Ana U.
If You Wanna Eat Healthy Then Proportional Meals But You Can Eat Till Your Full But Not To A Point Where Your Falling Into A Food Coma And I Know It Can Be Hard With All These Delicious Foods Out Here But As Long As You Have Self Disciple You Be Ok Hope This Helps
Felix Y.
Enough so that you are quite full and feel healthy. It is different for everyone. That should be the biggest meal of your day.
Lorina F.
Eat as much breakfast as you know you can use up again. For example if you make not very much sport on that day don't eat too much. But you also shouldn't eat not enough, because breakfast is also the most important meal of the day! So it's at every person a bit different. And lastly have a nice day and always remember: You can do everything if you just believe it! So keep going and make yourself better!
Ashley A.
as much as you need to make your hunger satisfied. it's less about how much and more about what. include your veggies and protein
Yong R.
For breakfast, I usually eat a lot like breads with biscuits or noodle since I'm always hungry when I first woke up. So try eat more in the morning, around 3/4 portion will do. Then less, especially at night. But it depends on your body, everyone is different. Hope this helps!
Allison C.
300 to 400 is what we need in terms of calories but it can depend on everyone's perspective if they eat an healthier one or increase it once in a while
Stephania N.
As much as you feel comfortable eating, remember that breakfast is the most important meal and will fuel your day, do not force yourself to eating more than you want to, and don’t indulge in the false feeling of sated that you receive from sugars
Louren O T.
That is up to you. As long as you have the basic balanced meal consisting of protein, carbohydrates and some fruits or vegetables.
Dunja B.
Well, this is the most important part of the day. Split iz in 2 halfs. Frist eat something easy and then eat something harder. Good luck