Will eating poptarts every day for breakfast make me obese?

Maeve T.
That depends on the rest of your diet. On its own probably not but it will spoke your blood sugar and causes your energy levels to crash later.
Ivanka Z.
I do not recommend eating pop tarts everyday because they are high on sugar and processed Ingredients. Do no be tempted by the quick convenience to unwrap one and eat it in the morning. Personally, I find it easier to eat a banana or an apple. If you have a few more minutes to spare, I suggest making some scrambled eggs with only salt and pepper.
Maria P.
Well, eating poptarts everyday can make you win weight. Let me explain, in the morning after 8 hours or plus of sleeping,your body needs to drink water and eat a balanced breakfast. Poptarts have a big quantity of sugar,and if its consumed everyday can have a very big impact in your life.Here the question is that you can eat poptart some days but everyday is not a good idea. As i said, i balanced breakfast,means, bread, fruits and water,of course if you like something better,you can eat other things but try not to eat artificial sugar,which means sodas and sweets. So in conclusion,yes eating poptarts everyday can make you win weight and it can get to the point of overweight.I hope I aswered the question correctly.
Dustin J.
no. obesity comes from a multitude of factors, including genetics, diet, and other lifestyle elements such as exercise, but reducing it to just diet & exercise is unhelpful and harmful. eating poptarts for breakfast every day with nothing else to add protein + microvitamins might not make you feel great, however. i'd recommend checking out the book "intuitive eating" and the blogs thereallife-rd and paigeschmidt.com for more nutrition advice from people who really know what they're talking about! 🙂
Nicklas P.
It depends how long you are doing this for. But no matter what, eating poptarts every day for breakfast is very unhealthy and you should defiantly break that habit. A way I would do this would be writing a list of what your going to eat each week kind of like a food calendar. Then you could put it on your fridge so if you are waking up you will know what to make for breakfast that isn’t poptarts.
V Jas O.
It might not make you obese, but it definitely won't help you stay fit or lean. Instead of something processed, full of carbs and sugars, try opting for a favorite fruit or vegetable. Or maybe some flavored yogurt, while also not the best option, it's tasty and definitely way better for you than a pop tart.
Marzia C.
It Will not make you obese of you eat properly the other meals and work out. But It Is not healthy at all! Try some fruit, yogurt, eggs..
Bonnie F.
Not necessarily. As long as you eat the same amount of energy (calories) as what you burn in a day. Always good to try and make healthier options though!
Albenise T.
It depends what you eat for rest of your day
Also starting your day with something healthy will keep you energetic throughout the day so its better not to something which is less in nutrients and will make you hungry again and again
Kim E.
It depends on the total calories you consume by the end of the day.
Eating poptarts as a meal but making sure you consume the needed foods for your body is 100% okay. And if you worried about gaining weight from eating poptarts as breakfast, calculate your calorie intake.
Holly N.
Eating pop tarts every day won’t make you obese IF your portion size is small throughout the day for all of your meals, resulting in a total calorie intake throughout the day that is consistently low. However, you likely won’t feel very healthy and may have highs and low sudden energy crashes. And, you may become nutrition deficient is you eat such unbalanced and unhealthy foods throughout the whole day. You would need to make sure that your other meals were very healthy for this habit to not hurt your health. I personally do not think it would be worth it.
Chester U.
Yes, it will, as the poptarts have way too much sugar which my body cannot process and will just end up depositing as fat.
Leonard E.
It might not make you obese, but I might make you feel less energized throughout the day. When I eat sugar first thing I feel a crash right after noon. Eating high protein foods 30 minutes after I wake up makes me feel energized and aware throughout the day to tackle assignments at work and reach my goals.
Vicky N.
Probably not, although you might crash later in the morning due to the lack of good nutrition and protein. And for me I find if I start my day eating poorly I seem to continue throughout the day. This my dear can set you up to a habit of eating poorly day in and day out. This over time will cause you to gain weight and set yourself up to some heavy health issue later in life.
Miranda Z.
Well that depends on a lot of factors as well as how much pop tarts you eat. Try to balance your diet. Go easy. We don't want to make all the fancy recepies that we can find on the net. So experiment. A banana and a glass of warm milk or a single boiled egg (easy, carb free and tasty, this is my favourite). Go easy but also balance it as much as you can.
James Z.
No. That could be the only sweet for the day even though it provides little energy. It's not enough sugar to make one obese. I eat more sugar than that daily and am not obese.
Louella L.
If you don't eat them for a long time and if you don't workout as often, then yes. So, I would advise you to not eat them every morning, but from time to time, there's nothing wrong with having one or two.
Paul G.
Eating pop tarts for breakfast will not make you obese, but there’s better ways to start you day. Grab a banana and a yogurt for that quick fix. You’d also be surprised how quick making a couple eggs can be. Make an omelette mix with some egg whites and your favorite add-one the night before. Pour the mix into a pan with a 1/2 tbs of butter and you’ll have a healthier breakfast than pop tarts. You’ll feel better throughout the day, and one good decision leads to another.
Johanne P.
Well, first of all you can look at the nutritional values and compare them with other breakfast biscuits, you will see that they are not that different from the others but they are pretty sugary and that is a problem. Eating a lot of solubile sugar in the morning will make you feel a boost at first and than will shut you down until you get to eat something else. So if you really like them a lot maby you can eat other foods at first, that are more proteins dense foods, and at the and, to get a prize for the healthy breakfast, you eat a little portion of poptarts. This work because I think that when you eat candies and pastries and all that stuff, you feel all the taste in the first seconds, than it's just you trying to reach for that feeling again but never accomplishing that. So a little bite is all you are searching for 😉
Bella Z.
No, not all on it's own. Obesity occurs after numerous of these poor lifestyle habits accumulate over time, with no steps taken to counteract its negative effects. So, you'd have to eat a lot junk food for every meal and never excercise to reach obesity. However, some people have fast metabolisms, and so they can put a lot of junk in their bodies without ever gaining weight. What's important is not what you can "get away with" and still remain skinny, but the quality of nutrients that you put in your body. If you can find a time-saving breakfast alternative that has better nutrients for your body, your body will thank you for it in the long run.