Do you guys eat even when not hungry?

Caroline N.
Sometimes you have to eat even when you aren’t hungry, because some people have eating disorders where they are used to not feeling hungry, because they ignored their hunger cues for so long . So , in recovery, they often have to eat when they aren’t hungry. Also sometimes people are on a schedule, and they can’t go to bed hungry , so they have to eat at a specific time , so they won’t be starving later.

Mathias W.
Yes! I do all the time. My mental health professional said this is very normal and that it takes a while to listen to your body for what it needs. Sometimes eating when your not hungry can mean you’re bored, thirsty, tired or stressed. I’ve learned to offer myself a “good fuel” option. Do I want fruits, a veggie or a protein bar? No, then I’ll drink some water and ask again. This usually helps 🙂

Romane Y.
Yes, unfortunately
It's not a good thing, but for me i do eat sometimes even if i'm not hungry, mostly our of boredom or depression, but some times also out of habit, like having a snake while watching a movie even if i'm full and just had dinner, things like that,
Some times it's out of stress or sadness, that being said, for me personally, i don't think i went far with my eating habits, my weight is good, and i'm not eating out often, also i don't like sweets or deserts much which is kinda helping, but yeah, i can do better i guess 🙂

Renee Y.
Absolutely. I’m a huge snacker at night so I’m trying to implement intermittent fasting to hold me accountable and be more aware of my hunger cues.

Ad Le F.
Yes and it takes a while to learn to eat when your hungry so if you ever want to eat but not hungry just eat a quick snack.